1st IX Rounders News!

09 May 2016

Witham Hall Rounders Tournament

1st place: Bedford Girls 1st IX

2nd place: Witham Hall 1st IX

3rd place: Queen Margaret’s 1st IX

4th place: Witham Hall 2nd IX 

Witham Hall hosted Queen Margaret’s from York, and Bedford Girls School at our annual Rounders tournament.

The first match of the afternoon for the WHS 1st IX was against QM; Witham won the toss and went into field first. We got off to a strong start with Sophie catching out their second batter, and the field not allowing QM to score until the 13th ball. Unfortunately Witham went into panic mode for 4 balls, letting QM score 3 ½ rounders. Alice and Jaz had some great catches, and Isabella’s fast bowling resulted in lots of missed balls. In bat Ella started the innings off wonderfully, scoring a rounder straight away. Philippa, Harriet and Georgia were unlucky to be caught out on their first bats; luckily Alice, Isabella, Jaz and captain Izzy all played fantastically with the bat, running hard and hitting into the gaps. Witham won the match 17 ½ to 9.

Our second match of the afternoon was against Bedford, who had just had a very successful game against our 2nd IX team. We batted first against a very fast bowler and a slick triangle from backstop to 1st post.  All except Harriet, Isabella and Alice were caught/stumped out on their first or second bat. Harriet managed to stay in until her 6th bat but Alice and Isabella managed to keep the team in, until ball 33. Isabella had a particularly impressive innings scoring 5 ½ rounders! In the field Alice was superb in backstop catching out their best batter on her first go, their second best batter on her second bat, and two other batters on their first bats! Isabella also had a great catch in the bowling box. Similarly, Bedford had just 3 batters remaining for the majority of the innings, unfortunately for us they managed to score a few more rounders and they won 12 – 8 ½.

After a lovely tea with delicious cakes and a chance to warm up for half an hour, we headed out for the final round of matches. Whist QM and Bedford played each other, we played our 2nd IX team. We batted first with every girl in the team scoring at least once and totaling 21 rounders. In the field we played well catching and stumping several of the girls out, but the 2nd IX batted very well with only a handful of balls being missed, scoring 7 ½ rounders.

The Bedford girls had a resounding victory, not letting our 2nd IX score any rounders and limiting QM to just 1 rounder to secure the trophy. It was a lovely afternoon with lots of great rounders being played from all of the teams.

Witham Hall 25 ½

Foremarke Hall 25

1st round of RNCF Cup

After quite a long drive through some variable weather we arrived at Foremarke Hall, shadowed by a rather gloomy looking dark cloud. Shortly after arriving we moved to the astro turf and were welcomed by a downpour of snow/hail for half an hour. Following this we promptly got started with Witham winning the toss and going into field. Foremarke stayed in for 47 balls but Witham’s superb fielding with Alice having two catches at back stop, Jazz, Sophie and Isabella all having brilliant catches in the field only allowed Foremarke just 8 ½ rounders.

In bat Witham had a bit of a shock with a super-fast bowler, causing Jojo, Sophie, Izzy, Kate and Alice to all hit the ball up and get caught out on their first or second go. Ella and Harriet managed to stay in for 5 bats each with Harriet scoring 1 ½. Jaz and Isabella did a superb job, staying in and supporting each other, Isabella scoring 4 ½ and Jaz 2 full rounders, putting the team into the lead by just ½ a rounder.

The next innings was a long one to say the least. Isabella did an outstanding job bowling, giving away just 1 rounder to no balls and bowling over 110 balls! Jaz and Jojo caught batters 7 and 8 out on their first bats but after that Foremarke played it safe and we played defensively in the field. Foremarke took their total up to 25 giving us quite a bit of work to do.

Witham were a little more prepared for the bowling this innings and we managed to stay in for twice as many good balls. Once again Isabella was outstanding with the bat scoring the majority of our rounders, supported hugely by Alice, Izzy and Sophie who all managed to stay in. At the final count up, Witham just managed to take the win by half a rounder scoring 25 ½! It was a fantastic game with great rounders from both sides. 

Witham Hall           35 (with an innings to spare)

Denstone College 13

Denstone College travelled two and a half hours to play against our 1st IX girls in the second round of the national RNCF Cup. Witham won the toss so went into field first; we panicked a little in the inner diamond and consequently Denstone scored 2 ½ in the first 9 balls but it wasn’t long until Witham found their stride. Isabella and Harriet both had a catch in the field and we managed to get the side out by ball 27 after they scored 7 ½ rounders.

Witham then went into bat with Sophie scoring a rounder straight away followed by Jojo scoring a half straight away. On the third ball, our most successful batter of the season so far, Isabella, was caught out! This shocked the team a little but the 8 remaining players really stepped up to the mark staying in for 100 balls and scoring 35 rounders between them. Georgia, Alice, Ella and Izzy stayed in the longest, demonstrating fantastic team work.

Denstone had a tough score to try and meet and Witham were not going to let them near it, catching and stumping five of their batters out on their first ball and getting the whole team out in just 18 balls. It was a fantastic win for Witham showing some superb sportsmanship and team work, very well done girls.