Fantastic Rounders on show from Year 4 girls! Under 9 to Laxton Rounders Festival

27 May 2016

Under 9 ‘Team Wonderful’ : Rose Allport, Mollie Deaton, Lilia Dunn, Tilly Golland, Matilda Halford, Charlotte Welch, Millie Atkinson, Bunny Bingham, Isabelle Blythe, Rosie Johnson, Rachel Leckey, Izzie Leverton, Shivali Patel

Team mascot:  Suri Patel

Results :

V Laxton Won 9-0

V Brooke Priory Won 4 ½ - 1

V Kimbolton Drew 5-5

V Stamford J S Won 6 ½ - 3

The Under 9 Rounders team went to the Laxton Festival on Wednesday 25th May.  It was a cold day, but our spirits were high and it was great to be heading off to another tournament with the whole team. After a fantastic practice the day before, all the girls were ready for action in both the field and the batting and were determined to put into practice what they had worked on.  The first game was against Laxton Junior School, where Witham couldn’t miss the ball.  The girls were hitting very well and consistently and most players contributed to the score line, which was superb.  We won 9-0, which was a terrific performance in both areas of the game.  The second game was against Brooke Priory, where we had to bat first again.  After a consistent start with the bat and a few half rounders scored, Witham were starting to put a few rounders on the board.  Witham only scored one full rounder that game and the rest were halves.  Witham went in to field, with players moving around to different positions and we kept the score line down.  We won 4 ½ to 1.  The third game was against a competitive Kimbolton team who were strong in both the field and with the bat and were very vocal in communicating messages across the field.  This did not put Witham off and we played extremely well throughout, with a great finish to draw the game.  The girls kept their heads under ‘extra’ pressure in this game and played superbly.  The final game was against Stamford Junior School, who we played earlier on in the season.  Witham were tight in the field and the skills shown were consistent and strong, which was excellent under pressure.  Stamford scored 3 rounders and Witham had everything to play for.  The girls supported each other and gave each self-belief to hit well and the final score was 6 ½  for Witham.  We won 6 ½ to 3.

I am very proud of what the girls have achieved this half term.  They have trained extremely hard and have listened to advice and they have been an absolute pleasure to coach.  I am a very lucky coach.  Well done to all the girls and thank you to all our side line Witham team; our parents!  A great half term throughout!

V Stamford Junior School Under 9A  

Result : Witham won 17 – 11

Team :  Captain - Rose Allport, Mollie Deaton, Lilia Dunn, Matilda Halford,  Millie Atkinson, Bunny Bingham, Isabelle Blythe, Charlotte Welch, Rosie Johnson

The Under 9 rounders team had an early morning Saturday match against Stamford Junior School, which was great.  The sun was shining and the conditions were perfect for rounders.  Witham won the toss and put Stamford into bat.  Witham’s bowling, backstop work and fielding was very tight indeed and the score was kept down to a minimum in the first 9 balls.  Stamford started to get more confident and the ½ rounders started to build.  The fielding team of Rosie Johnson, Bunny Bingham, Rose Allport, Mollie, Millie and Isabelle Blythe stopped the ball with belief and they were tight throughout, stopping the full rounders.  Bowler; Charlotte Welch was consistent and fed through to Matilda Halford at back stop.  The 2nd post strength with Lilia Dunn leading the way, stopped the ½ rounders and kept the score to just 3 ½ after 27 good balls.  Witham went into bat and hit with confidence and belief.  In the first innings there were full rounders by many and every player scored quite a few ½ rounders to add to the Witham score of 10. 

Stamford went back into bat and certainly stepped up their game.  They were hitting with confidence and were much stronger than the first innings.  Stamford scored a further 7 ½ bringing their total to 11.  Witham had to score a full rounder to win the game.  Witham hit well and were consistent and scored a further 7 rounders.  The final score was Witham 17, Stamford 11.  A super game throughout and both teams performed extremely well.  Well done ‘Team Wonderful’ and special thanks to all our supporters.

V Spratton Hall Under 10B

Result : Witham won 15 ½ - 8 ½

Team :  Captain – Izzie Leverton, Mollie Deaton, Tilly Golland, Matilda Halford, Millie Atkinson, Rosie Johnson,  Shivali Patel, Rachel Leckey, Isabelle Blythe

The second game of that day was against Spratton Hall Under 10Bs. Witham lost the toss and they had to bat first.  Rachel Leckey soon got her eye in and scored a half rounder off the first ball, which was great.  Soon there were full rounders from Matilda Halford, Rosie Johnson, Mollie Deaton and Shivali and a few ½ rounders from Isabelle Blythe, Tilly Golland, Izzie Leverton, and Millie Atkinson. This brought the Witham total to 9, after 27 good balls.  Witham went into the field after a positional/ tactical team talk with Mrs Welch.  The girls were alert and on their toes and showed some very good fielding skills across the board.  Spratton didn’t score many full rounders, but started to find the ½ rounders which helped their total.  Witham’s bowling by Mollie and Millie was strong and consistent, which was good to see.  The fielding team of Izzie Leverton, Rosie Johnson, Rachel Leckey, Isabelle Blythe, Shivali Patel and Tilly Golland communicated well and showed good quality throwing, catching into the diamond.  After one innings, the score was Witham 9, Spratton Hall 5 ½ .

The second innings was tight from both teams and every player improved their performance, which was good to see.  Witham’s batting was consistent and they added a further 6 ½ to their total.  Spratton Hall scored a further 3, which brought their total to 8 ½ .  The final score was Witham 15 ½ - Spratton Hall 8 ½ .  A super game from start to finish, with every Witham player showing improvement, skill and great team work.  Well done ‘Team Wonderful’!  Thank you to all our supporters who came to cheer the girls on (and coach)!