Prep School talk on raid of St Nazaire

14 Jun 2016

On Friday morning Mr Beattie, father of Sam (yr6) and Isabella (yr5) came to give all Prep pupils a talk on the ;most daring raid of all’, the raid on the port of St Nazaire during the Second World War. This talk had a very personal element as Mr Beattie’s grandfather (Sam Beattie) was the commanding officer on the key ship involved, HMS Campbeltown.
Pupils were enthralled by the bravery and daring of the 622 men involved in this raid and the genius of the plan, learning of the 100+ commendation for bravery for those involved, including the 5 Victoria Crosses that were awarded (one of which went to Lt Cdr Sam Beattie).
It was a truly enthralling, engaging and thought provoking talk that captured the attention of everyone present and I would like to extend sincerest thanks to Mr Beattie for coming into school and sharing this story with us all.