22 Jun 2016

Good luck to both U11A and 1st IX Rounders teams as they head to their respective Nationals on Thursday.

1st IX:

Witham Hall 20 ½

Terrington Hall 10

Witham Hall met Terrington Hall in the 3rd round of the RNCF National Cup at Ranby House. The match started in sunshine but this quickly descended into torrential rain! We lost the toss and went into bat first, with Isabella scoring a rounder off the first ball. Unfortunately, much like the weather, the innings went downhill from this point on! We then didn’t score anything until ball 21 and were all out by ball 29. Jaz scored 1 ½ rounders, and Isabella scored 3 rounders.

Once again Isabella’s quick bowling baffled the batters and in the first 9 balls only 3 girls managed to hit it. Unfortunately the down side to Isabella’s fast bowling is that a few go stray and she gave away 2 ½ full rounders to no balls. Alice caught 3 batters out on backwards hits and the rest of the field worked superbly together, only allowing Terrington 3 rounders (total 5 ½).

As the rain got heavier we went into bat, this time managing to stay in for over 80 balls. Isabella, Izzy, Harriet and Sophie stayed in the longest, all picking gaps in the field and working together against a sharp fielding side. As we swapped sides the rain seemed to ease a little, but by this time everyone was soaked and cold. Isabella struggled in the bowling box so Sophie stepped in and did a fantastic job! Terrington stayed in for 43 balls but only managed 4 ½ rounders. Alice caught the first batter out on the first ball, Isabella, Jaz and Harriet all had brilliant catches as well, particularly when you consider the driving rain! Witham won the game 20 ½ to 10 and secured their place in the National Finals on the 23rd June – well done girls!


Last week the U11A Rounders Team played two rounds of the IAPS Rounders Competition as the race to finals day got underway. There have been 70 schools in this competition, so, with the erratic weather, it has been challenging for everyone to get games played in time. However, the Witham girls were thrilled to win their games and get through to the last four and the Nationals Finals in Sussex this week. This cohort have girls have now won through to all three IAPS Nationals Finals this year – well done!

4th Round:

Witham Hall: 33 ½

Bishops Stortford College 19 ½

Quarter Final:

Witham Hall 20

Foremarke Hall 19

The Team: Lulie, Ella, Matilda, Mia, Bonnie, Bella, Katie, Sienna, Sophie, Poppy.

Against Bishop’s Stortford the team did exactly what was asked of them with the bat – they just stayed there and notched up the half rounders and rounders, achieving a massive 33 ½ in one innings. Bishops Stortford were always going to find that a tough ask and some superbly active fielding, probably the best that the girls have put together this term, meant that the opposition found their first innings extremely tough and were restricted to 5 ½. In their second fielding innings, Witham then relaxed rather and some errors crept in allowing Bishop’s Stortford to play a dangerous game of catch up getting to 19 ½! However, the day belonged to Witham and the girls won through to the Quarter Finals v Foremarke Hall.

Two days later the long trek was made to Derbyshire. This was a highly competitive game from start to finish full of nerves and extremes of play and decision making. There was some fab bowling from our three different bowlers and some excellent catching in the field. The Foremarke bowler was impressive and fast and the girls found it tough to hit cleanly instead chipping it up for backward hits and some catches. However, Ella, Lulie, Bella and Mia battled it out to the bitter end gaining us an invaluable lead as we went into the second innings. There was more of the same but this time with a more intelligent rotation of bowlers which challenged Foremarke; this combined with some excellent catches in the field saw the Witham girls needing 4 ½ rounders to win. This was then probably the toughest batting innings the girls have had with batsman after batsman out. However, a few fielding errors kept us in there and Poppy was thrilled to score the winning rounder. Well done!

Thanks to our supporting parents who have been there in many weathers cheering the girls on!