Year 2 - Royal Academy of Dance Primary Ballet Exam

24 Jun 2016

Seven Year 2 girls took their Royal Academy of Dance Primary Ballet Exam yesterday.  They were assessed by an external RAD examiner at the Welland School of Dance, Stamford. 

They were split into two groups to perform their routines and each of them overcame any pre-exam nerves and came out of the dance studio beaming. 

Our ballerinas had to show they were able to:
•         articulate parts of the body
•         demonstrate awareness of positions of the body
•         perform with an awareness of space
•         demonstrate control
•         demonstrate co-ordination
•         demonstrate elevation
•         demonstrate use of appropriate movement dynamics
•         respond to the elements of music
•         perform a sequence of simple steps to depict a story
•         confidently recall the settings

The girls have all being learning ballet with Miss Desbruslais since Reception and in preparation for this exam have had to attend weekend practice sessions in Stamford as well as their weekly ballet lessons at school.   The girls are so very grateful to Miss Desbruslais for her dedication and support and for giving them such a fabulous experience.  Needless to say they are all looking forward to continuing with their ballet next term.

All the girls enjoyed the experience immensely and did themselves and the school proud.