What a week in Year 4!

13 Oct 2014

Oh we are tired out! We have had such a packed week this week.

On Monday we took part in SciFest and we met a character from the EarthBound Misfts. He was great!  He was a juggler and talked to use about how surface area and weight can affect air resistance when juggling. At the end of his session, he juggled all sorts of things on top of a balancing ball. It was definitely different from a normal science lesson.

Then on Wednesday we went to the Showcase Cinema in Peterborough to see the BBC’s 10 pieces. This is a new initiative by the BBC to get children interested in classical music. They used people we know from music and TV to introduce pieces such as Handel’s ‘Zadok the Priest’ and Beethoven’s 5th symphony. They explained what the music meant to them and what they could imagine while listening to it. A favourite of everyone’s was Greig’s ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ aka the Alton Towers Music!

Lastly on Thursday we had ‘the Ancient Greek Man’ in from the Partake Theatre. He taught us about Jason and the Argonauts and particularly his adventure with the Golden Fleece.  As a team we acted out the myth and played parts such as the Argonauts, Sirens of the Sea and the deadly Harpy Eagles. It was a lot of fun and we learnt so much being immersed in the story.

All in all a fantastic week for us.