School Equestrian team successful at Bloxham

28 Oct 2016

Bloxham Eventer Challenge at Aston le Walls - Sunday 16th October 2016

Class: School Teams  65cm

Mollie Deaton on Rosie
Lottie Sharman  on Topaz (placed 10th)

The course for the 65cm was a very long consisting of 10 show jumps followed by a course of 14 solid cross country jumps including going through a water complex! First to go was Mollie and she made a  great job of the show jumps even though her pony Rosie had a few other ideas at some of the fences! She rode with determination but unfortunately had to retire in the cross country section; the whole team supported her and Mollie is determined to come back and give it another go.

Next went Lottie who rode also with real determination but unfortunately just rolled a pole in the show jumping section but went clear in the cross country section, and managed to secure 10th place - an amazing result as the course had caused a lot of problems for many competitors. This was also Lottie' s first School  team event and thereby an  amazing achievement!

Class: School Teams 80cm

Cecily Hopkins on Kilmore Prince
Lottie Sharman on Topaz
Jemima Foljambe on Kitty
George Vergerson-Rowley on Shaney

20161028 Bloxham Eventer Challenge 1

The 80cm course was even longer with extra jumps in the  cross country section. First to go was Lottie Sharman who rode an amazing round with just one pole knocked off again – she came back with a huge smile on her face! Jemima rode a foot perfect clear round, in a perfectly controlled canter. George also rode a foot perfect round with a big splash though the water.
Last to go was Cecily so the pressure was on her to get a clear round. However, riding superbly, she pulled it off and rode a perfect round!

The Team finished in 1st Place

Individual Places

1st  George Vergerson- Rowley
2nd Jemima Foljambe
5th Cecily Hopkins

The Team also won a voucher for a team lesson at Aston le Walls with a  top instructor, also gaining points in the league and qualifying for the championships in February. Well done everyone.

Class: School Teams 90cm

Cecily Hopkins on Kilmore Prince
Lottie Sharman on Topaz
Jasmine Curran on Flower
Millie Ludiman on Ziggy

20161028 Bloxham Eventer Challenge 2

The 90cm course was even more tricky and complicated (some of the parents did not walk as we did not want to put our fears into the children) - there were 27 jumps in all !!

First to go was Millie, who has only had her new pony a few weeks.  She rode with great determination but unfortunately her pony took a dislike to the planks and stopped, but Millie was so determined and made her pony jump it from a stand still and still cleared the fence with ease! Sadly the judges counted it as a stop. Millie rode the rest of the course very well. Next to go was Cecily, this was her first 90cm course at a competition and she rode a lovely clear round over the show jumps, with just one run out at one of the cross country fences.  George rode a foot perfect clear over the show jumps but on the cross country course he had a few ‘Sat Nav’ problems! However, aided by parents George went clear over both sections just picking up a few time penalty for his detour! Last to go was Jasmine, who rode an amazing double clear round with just a little detour also!

The Team finished in 3rd place

Individual placings

2nd Jasmine Curran
6th George Vergerson-Rowley

This was a superb result for all the children at the first of the series of 6 competitions at Aston le Walls, with a healthy number of points being gained in all classes ahead of the championships in February. Well done everyone.

Miss R J Rowley