Equestrian - Aston Le Walls, Bloxham School, Eventer Challenge - 13th November 2016

16 Nov 2016

Class: 80cm School Teams

George Vergerson-Rowley   on Shaney
Harriet Anthony                     on  Charlie
Lottie Sharman                       on Tiaquin Lad

The course had been changed around considerably  from our last outing here with the show jumps being in a different arena and the cross country jumps being more spread out. There were 10 show jumps and 19 cross country jumps to be negotiated straight after each other! The last fence was ‘the Joker’ where planks are very easily knocked down and have a penalty of 8 faults. The children all walked the course twice as it was very long and twisty. This was a very competitive class with over 30 competitors from various school. First to go was George Vergerson-Rowley (ultimately placed 9th) who rode a text book clear round and did not have any ‘sat nav’ problems this time! Next to go was Harriett who rode with determination all the way round but unfortunately just had one down in the show jumps and tipped the Joker at the end. Next to go was Lottie who was particularly nervous as she was on her new pony who she had only had a week and this was her first competition on him. Lottie did an amazing round over the show jumps but unfortunately had to retire in the cross country part. The team all cheered each other on and rode amazingly. Well done everyone.

We had a break between classes at 11.00am; the whole show ground came to a standstill and we all paid our respects for Remembrance Day.

Class 90cm School Teams

George Vergerson-Rowley on Shaney
Harriet Anthony                   on Charlie
Millie Ludiman                    on Bernwode Nairobi

The course had change again from the 80cm, with a few more technical fences added, one of which was a very large corner or ‘cheese’ as the children call it, this was a very narrow fence which has to be ridden to very straight or the ponies can easily run out.  The children all walked the course again twice, with 30 jumps to remember this time, all hoping not to get mixed up and go the wrong way.  First to go was George; all was going well until his pony took off particularly early at a show jump and landed on top of the fence and completely demolished it , George was now up his pony's neck but managed to push himself back into the saddle, making an amazing recovery and continued to jump round the rest of the course clear just picking up 4 faults. Next to go was Harriet, this was her first attempt at a 90cm course and she rode amazingly and produced a foot perfect clear round, managing to jump the Joker this time without knocking it down. Next was Millie who is still getting to know her new pony. Millie went in with amazing determination and rode a lovely round just picking up an unlucky 4 faults in the show jumping section. The collective efforts of all the Witham riders brought us a superb 2nd place. Well done to all.

Individual Placings
5th Harriett Anthony
10th George Vergerson-Rowley
12th Millie Ludiman

Team Placing
2nd place