Under 9 and Under 8 Rugby Update

25 Nov 2016

Under 9A v Laxton Junior School

Building up to this match, Laxton Junior School going on past results, looked like they would give the boys their toughest test yet. According to the boys, they had been soundly beaten at football by Laxton last year, and so they were keen to make amends.

The conditions were pretty horrendous (‘thank you’ parents for supporting in such awful conditions!) but the boys were set. In the opening stages both teams were pretty evenly matched. The scoreboard swung a try apiece with Price and McKay in particular making early inroads into the Laxton defence. But Laxton were not going to be easily deterred and kept breaking through or around the Witham lines. Given space when they had the ball in hand, they were difficult to get near and were as equally determined as the Witham boys not to lose the match. Led by Captain Powell and Spilsbury the boys worked out that they had to make every tackle count and get up quickly on Laxton, when they had possession. At half-time the score was 5-4 to Witham but with everything to play for. The second half was simply all about Witham. Taylor got the ball and scored from his own 22. Powell who had supported the runners all afternoon scored. Graham who worked his socks off scored from out wide. Yablonka-Clark had terrified the Laxton defence and made some crutching tackles, scored with a typically powerful run. And finally and quite rightly after all his hard work, Spilsbury got a well-deserved try.

The boys were superb. Their support play throughout the afternoon was excellent. Their tackling was quite simply ferocious. They were very well deserved winners.

To be mentioned in despatches: Angus McKay

Under 8A, Under 8B & Under 8C v Wellingborough 

On Thursday afternoon all the U8 boys did themselves and Witham proud in their first proper match away at Wellingborough. All three teams won and what was most pleasing to see was the camaraderie amongst all the Witham boys. There were some superb solo and team tries scored and impressive last ditch tackles made. A big thank you must go to all the parents who came to support the boys on what was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Well done to all those who played.

Under 8A & Under 8B v Laxton Junior School

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon was had by all on Thursday with all the U8’s back in action again, this time against Laxton Junior School. Both matches saw some wonderful solo tries with both teams moving the ball quickly away after the tag had been completed. There were also some very impressive passing skills on display; the U8’s were all eager to get their hands on the ball, called for it loudly and gave a nice big target which was great to see. In defence, you certainly couldn’t fault the boys’ hunger and desire to make the tag but at times they did need to set themselves before flying into their opponents. Both U8 teams ended up winning by a handful of tries and can be very proud of their efforts. A big thank you must also go to the parents who came out and supported the boys.