National Biathlon Championships 2016

30 Nov 2016

Ffion, Jack and Millie all spent the day in Solihull on Saturday for the National Biathlon Championships. All three of them qualified for the event at Regionals, and ever since then have been working tenaciously to improve upon their times and rankings. Training has been several lunch times a week as well as swim training after school and at weekends.

Millie finally arrived with just 10 minutes to spare before her run, after breaking down on route and having to get a taxi for over an hour! She did very well and finished strong. Ffion did a fantastic run, improving her time dramatically. Jack wowed everyone when he finished first in both his swim and run heats, and was the 4th fastest U10 boy in the whole competition.

The fantastic results detailed below are certainly something to be celebrated, with everyone increasing their national ranking by at least 36 positions. Hopefully we will have even more to celebrate after the National Schools Biathlon Finals in March.


800m run

50m swim

Previous ranking

Final National position

Ffion Trundell

2 min 51

38 sec 23



Jack Braddock

2 min 44

43 sec 88



Millie Atkinson

3 min 06

47 sec 65