Christmas Dorm Decorating Competition

09 Dec 2016

The winners of the best Christmas dorm competition were announced on Saturday.  The best boys dorm went to the year 8 boys in Bedroom dorm.  The boys displayed fantastic creativity with home made decorations galore!  An example of a fine piece of Christmas artwork is hanging from the balcony in the main entrance hall.  This particular piece was created by Olly Rymer and we love it! 
The best girls dorm was won by Wing dorm with Ashley dorm hot on their heels!  The Wing girls all contributed to create a wonderful glitzy theme.  They are already plotting their theme for next year when they move into the bigger dorm of Ashley.
Overall the competition was of such a high standard and well done to all who took part.  The effort is greatly appreciated and the dorms look fabulously festive.