Equestrian update

13 Dec 2016

Eventer Challenge Series at Aston Le Walls - 11th December 2016

80cm Eventers Challenge

  • Cecily Hopkins on Landis Black Pepper
  • Lottie Sharman on Tarquin Lad
  • Harriett Anthony on Charlie
  • George Vergerson – Rowley on Shaney

We were not so lucky this time out! This class was very full with over 32 entries. Cecily was first to go (4 faults) followed by Harriett with a lovely clear round and cleared the joker!
George went next with another lovely clear round (also clearing the joker); Lottie did an amazing clear in the show jumping section, but had a few problems with her new pony in the cross country section, but rode amazingly and with determination. The team were placed 4th; individually George was 7th and Harriet 10th.

90cm Eventer Challenge

  • Harriet Anthony on Charlie
  • Cecily Hopkins on Landis Black Pepper
  • George Vergerson-Rowley on Shaney

We seemed to be on a roll knocking polls down today! Cecily went first and rolled 2 down, but rode a lovely round. George was next to go and had the last fence down, the joker which unfortunately counts as two down collecting 8 faults. Next to go was Harriett who unfortunately had the last two down picking up 12 faults. We live to fight another day.

As ever, very well done to all.