1st VII Netball Team Tournament Success

02 Feb 2017

1st VII to Kimbolton Invitational Tournament

  • V Queenswood Won  9-2
  • V Bedford           Drew 4-4
  • V Kimbolton       Won   7-0
  • V Swanborne     Won  10-2

The 1st Team netball girls kicked off their season with an invitational tournament at Kimbolton School.  There were 5 schools invited and the quality of match play was going to be high.  With a new side in place, it was a chance to swap around combinations and try new partnerships out under pressure.  The girls played consistently well and it was great to get a tournament under our belts, ready for a hard season ahead. Witham won all four of their matches, and brought home the 1st place trophy!

1st VII - Foremarke Hall Invitational Tournament

  • V Spratton Hall      Won 9-4
  • V Foremarke Hall  Won 7-4
  • V Kings High          Lost 4-6
  • V Bromsgrove        Lost 4-12

The Foremarke tournament was going to really test the players, putting the whole team under pressure. The match against Spratton Hall started off well, but soon got a little scrappy after half time. When the first time ball was worked into the circle, the shooters eased the ball through the net.  Witham started to calm down and believe in themselves. In the last five minutes, Witham got back into their style of play and finished with a 9-4 win. 

The second game was going to be extremely tough. Foremarke Hall were a feisty, tall, athletic team. Witham kept their heads, and defensively, the team were as good as we have ever seen in a 1st Team defence at Witham Hall. Foremarke lost their confidence in attack and missed a lot of shots, due to the pressure that our defence was putting them under. Witham kept the ball safe and won the game 7-4 – a well-deserved win! 

The third game was against another athletic, well experienced Kings High team. This was a scrappy game and Witham made a lot of passing mistakes under pressure and then started to mistime their moves. Witham had opportunities to win this game but lost it through silly passing, poor decision making and lost confidence. Witham lost 4-6.

The final game was against Bromsgrove, who certainly looked the strongest side at the tournament.  Witham seemed quite phased by this and again lost possession through silly decisions. With diminished confidence, the game ran away from the team in the second half. Bromsgrove were slick, confident and passed the ball with belief.  Witham lost 4-12. 

The last two games of the tournament will prove a great learning experience for the team. It is important to test players under pressure and play against sides that will make life tough. It was a great tournament and I’m sure the players will put all that they have learnt into action, ready for the rest of the term. Thank you to Mrs Morgan–Jones and all our supporters who came to support the 1st team.