U11 and U9 Netball Updates

02 Feb 2017

U11A Netball Team

U11A v Oundle U12B

WHS – 11
Oundle – 3

The U11A team made a good start to the term v Oundle U12Bs. There was good flow of the ball from defence to attack although using different channels is something to work on. Lots of good interceptions were made by Rose B, Gigi, Matilda and Rose A and Lilia, Bella and Poppy linked well in the attack. Bella was our chief goal scorer (9) and was voted ‘player of the team’ by the Oundle girls – well done! Josie, Rose B and Rose A all supported the attacking effort competently in the ‘D’ and now just need to actually convert more of their chances. A good start!

U11A to Stamford JS Mini Tournament

Witham Hall  1 – 5   Stamford JS
Witham Hall  10 – 1  Grantham Prep
Witham Hall  7 – 4  Laxton JS

This was a demanding afternoon of netball with three matches played. In all the matches the girls found themselves smaller than their opposition and had to work hard on their feet to find space in front of their opponents. There was a big improvement from both shooters in two of the games with improved communication and empathy for each other and really good team-work on display. However, when the pressure was on against Stamford there were way too many mistakes from all attacking players with panic setting in at times and balls being fired off the court. Sophie and Molly had a good first run-out for the A team and impressed with the interceptions that they managed to make in all the matches. Rose was a tower of strength at GD regularly disturbing the opposition attack. The girls must really make sure that they stop crowding each other when the pressure is on and that they take more care with their passing and show greater decisiveness. Nevertheless, this was a progressive afternoon.

U11B Netball Team

U11B to Stamford JS Mini Tournament

Witham Hall 14 – 0 Grantham Prep
Witham Hall 8 – 2 Stamford
Witham Hall 7 – 0 Laxton

The U11B Netball team’s season got off to a fantastic start with three out of three wins at a mini tournament held at SJS. The girls’ first match was against Grantham Prep and they quickly found their rhythm dominating from the start. They passed the ball smoothly from every centre pass into the shooting circle and allowed our opponents little opportunity to intercept and create their own attacking play. A final score of 14–0 reflects just how well the girls played together for the very first time. The girls’ second match against SJS saw the ball move more into our opponent’s attacking third but coupled with tight marking and well timed interceptions they too were given little opportunity to score. Our mid-court players passed the ball accurately, thought about the timing of their movements into space and were able to link the ball into the shooting circle beautifully. The matched finished with an 8–2 win to Witham. In the last match against Laxton the girls continued to play very well and again dominated play winning 7–0. A tremendous first outing as an U11B squad on a bitterly cold afternoon! Very well done girls, you should be super proud of your achievements as a new team and thank you to your parents and grandparents for cheering you on despite the cold!

U11C Netball Team

U11C v Laxton JS U11C

WHS – 3
LJS – 9

This was a tough match for the Witham U11C team who were much shorter than their opponents, and a year group younger, with our entire team being made up of Year 5s.  However the team didn’t let this deter them and they fought hard. The first two quarters saw the Witham girls getting used to the pace and the height of their opposition. They struggled to find a space away from their opponents and tended to play down one channel of the court – something for the team to work on. In the third and fourth quarters Witham adjusted their positions slightly and saw some excellent goals scored by Bunny and some tight marking from Shivali. The Witham team were very good at not giving away many infringements and really worked hard in the final two quarters to give strong passes and use the space better. This resulted in a strong finish; a 2-2 draw in the last quarter. Unfortunately this was not enough to catch Laxton’s overall score, but a very impressive effort seeing a significant improvement from the start to the finish of the match. Well done girls.  

U9 Netball Team

U9 v St Hugh’s U9

WHS – 8
SH – 1

The U9 girls were, rightly, very excited for their first netball match of the year. Despite the freezing fog, all of the girls got stuck in and played a variety of positions. Grace, Sammie and Poppy were our attacking dream team in the first quarter, dominating the game and scoring 3 goals. Kitty, Olivia and Lydia did a superb job of keeping the ball well away from our defensive goal.

The second quarter was much closer, with St Hugh’s and Witham both scoring a goal each; captain Grace scored our only goal. Going into the third quarter the girls all did very well to maintain their enthusiasm and effort as the temperature dropped. Millie was tenacious in the centre court, and Clara scored another goal to take the running total to 5-1.

In the final quarter Ellie-Bella was super in Goal Defence, giving St Hugh’s very little opportunity to score. Alexandra scored a goal, and Poppy scored 2 more to take her total for the match to 4. It was a brilliant match to start the netball term off – well done to all of the Year 4 girls.