The Visit to Kiri Bah Ler

22 Feb 2017

The Stimson Hall was filled with excitement on the Friday before half term when Mr Blake and Mrs Kay’s explained they were going to visit to Kiri Bah Ler school over the Easter holiday.  The teachers started off the talk with a snappy presentation showing the journey they would be taking to reach there including a 10 hour 4x4 and motorbike journey!  They then showed what they they were expecting when they reached the village including sleeping in hammocks inside the school.  Mr Blake and Mrs Kay said that they were very keen on sharing our  work with the children of Kiri Bah Ler and a task was set for each year group for the afternoon. 
At the end of the day, all the classes showcased their work which included “views from our window”, “a day in the life” and putting together a culture box.  Mr Blake and Mrs Kay said that they were intending taking our work out with them to Cambodia, sharing it with the children of Kiri Bah Ler School and carrying out similar tasks with the children there and bringing it back to share with us at Witham.  We look forward to hearing about the amazing journey when they return after Easter.

Kiri Bah Ler 2