Colts Hockey Update

28 Feb 2017

Colts A to IAPS Regional Hockey Tournament

WHS  0 – 0  St Olaves
WHS  0 – 4  Bilton Grange
WHS  0 – 1  Solihull
WHS  0 – 0  Altrincham Prep
WHS  0 – 0  Foremarke Hall
WHS  1 – 2  Stamford Junior School

For the first time ever Witham Hall entered a Colts team into the IAPS Hockey tournament. We knew it would be a tough, but valuable day for the boys as they have very little hockey experience. With lots of big hockey schools in our group the Colts boys had to really knuckle down and use the few skills they have learnt, coupled with their football tactics to get them through each match.

Every match the boys played, they got better and better, and we even scored a goal against Stamford in the final match, against a team of boys who have been playing hockey throughout their school careers. Similarly, a draw against Foremarke Hall is equally impressive, especially when you consider they were reverse stick shooting in their warm up!

Mr Gent and I could not have been prouder of their efforts at IAPS, and we are certainly excited to see what is to come for the boys’ hockey over the next couple of years. Many thanks to all of the wonderful support on the side line throughout the day.

Colts A v St John’s Colts A

WHS – 0
SJ – 6

Witham arrived at St John’s Cambridge in torrential rain! This didn’t dampen spirits at first though with the Colts A looking strong, determined, and dangerous for the first 10 minutes of the game. Unfortunately a breakaway goal just before half time meant we finished the first half 0-1 down. In the second half St John’s had worked out our weaknesses and took full advantage, scoring two goals in quick succession. The boys heads went down and they lost sight of their game plan and all the things we have been working on. Despite this, Witham did have opportunities and won two short corners. The St John team were very skilful and this is certainly something for our boys to aim for.

Colts B v St John’s Colts B

WHS – 0
SJ – 0

The U11B hockey team were very determined to perform their best in poor weather conditions and after a long journey. St John’s were as determined and matched the stick skills of Witham. It was a terrific contest with some close shots on goal. Jack made some important saves. All the boys played extremely well from start to finish and I was most proud of their efforts considering the conditions.

Colts A to Lincolnshire County Tournament

WHS   8 – 0   Lincoln Minster
WHS   2 – 0   St Hugh’s

The Witham boys had a brilliant first match against Lincoln Minster! They were passing the ball really well, getting shots on target, and finally beginning to communicate on the pitch. Our boys had more time on the ball than in previous matches, allowing them to make better decisions and look for the pass. Jack, Charlie and Rafe all scored cracking goals in the first half. This was followed up by Louis, Jack, Oscar and Charlie scoring 5 more between them in the second half.

Our second game was against St Hugh’s who had some more skilful players. Witham had to work harder in this match, but certainly came out the stronger team with St Hugh’s not even getting into our defensive D. It was 0-0 at half time despite half a dozen shots on goal and a short corner. Thankfully in the second half the boys made the most of their opportunities with Charlie and Jack both scoring well worked goals as a result of great team work. James did his best to captain the team from the goal despite not having a single goal to save – great calling and team spirit James well done! The boys have made a great deal of progress in the few hockey sessions they have had and should be very proud to call themselves County Champions.