Netball Results

06 Mar 2017

1st VII v St John’s 1st VII

WHS – 8
SJ – 13

St John’s U13A side were certainly going to be a strong team to beat and this was a game that the 1st team needed.  Losing our Captain at lunchtime to illness meant that Witham had to re-adjust and think about the new game plan. The weather was very up and down and a strong wind made shooting conditions quite difficult for both sides. The first quarter was mixed, with both teams missing easy shots and making silly passing mistakes. After the first quarter, the score was Witham 2, St John’s 1. In the second quarter, Witham started to panic and again made far too many mistakes under pressure.  The first time ball was difficult to get out of defence and the attack started to move too soon, which then made plays to become out of position, with no space to go.

Witham were down 5-3 entering the third quarter and after a change of players, the flow started to build.  Shots started to go in and Witham were building their confidence again.  Triangles were starting to be created in the attack around the circle and the first time ball was visible.  Witham won that quarter 4-2, bringing the score to 7-7.  The final quarter was where the damage was done.  Witham made silly decisions and threw the ball away consistently – not thinking about what they were doing.  St John’s took advantage of this and really started to excel.  Witham learn a valuable lesson from this quarter, which hopefully would help them in pressured situations again.  The final score was Witham 8, St John’s 13.  A disappointing game, but a learning curve for all.  Witham would build from this game and it will make them stronger players and a mentally stronger team in the future.  Thank you to our side line supporters who supported us throughout!

1st VII v Maidwell Hall 1st VII

WHS – 20
MH – 3

Witham travelled away to Maidwell Hall.  After a training session and a focussed team talk, Witham were ready to build from the St John’s game and learn from their mistakes.  The first quarter was steady with some great set plays from the centre pass and a first time ball into the goal circle.  After the shooters steadied themselves, the goals started to flow.  Defensively, Georgia and Sophie were outstanding in their tight man to man marking, where Maidwell failed to score one goal.  Lottie, Alice and Jasmine worked the ball up to the shooting pair of Harriet and Kate and the goals were flowing.  The score after one quarter was 7-0 to Witham.  The second quarter saw Bonnie join the defence, which again added strength in marking and tight man to man.  A consistent second quarter under Witham’s belt and the score line 11-1 at half time. The third quarter brought Georgia into Goal Shooter and the first time ball into the circle was strong from Alice and Ella. Defensively, Witham were extremely strong and Maidwell struggled to get the ball into their circle to shoot. The score was 16-2 at three quarter time and everything to play for in the last quarter.  Witham remained in control and the final score was 20-3.  A good game to get under our belts, leading up to the IAPS regionals next week.  Well done and thank you to all the supporters/ parents who travelled to Maidwell to support the Senior girls.

2nd VII v St John’s 2nd VII

WHS – 22
SJ – 16

This was a very even game with both sides playing some excellent netball. With only one regular shooter available Sienna was drafted in to play goal shooter a roll which she filled admirably for half of the game. Witham held a slim lead for the first half but St John’s shooters found their range in the third quarter taking a two goal lead into the last quarter. Mia played exceptionally well consistently scoring from around the circle. Katie worked extremely hard to dominate the centre third and Georgina made some very important interceptions in the defensive third. The whole team made great efforts and secured a well-deserved win.

2nd VII v Maidwell Hall 2nd VII

WHS – 8
MH – 4

This was a game that started positively for the Witham team with good passages of play, strong passing and accurate shooting ensuring Witham had a five goal lead a half time. Unfortunately the level slipped in the second half with the ball travelling up and down the same side of the court and poor use of the space by both teams. Maidwell’s shooters had more success in the later stages of the game but they were unable to match Witham’s score. This was not the team’s greatest game but it was still a win for the Witham team.

3rd VII v Maidwell Hall 3rd VII

WHS – 8
MH – 12

The U13C’s had an interesting match against Maidwell Hall on Saturday. The match required a united team spirit in order to compete with the oppositions attack and defence on the court. However, it was a slow start to the game in which the girls, despite trying hard, found it difficult to get in front to intercept and gain possession of the ball. After a rousing quarter time talk, the girls returned to the court with a spring in their steps and determination to work as a team. The girls were able move the ball fluidly down the court and have an attempt at goal in the second half of the game. The final quarter is where half of the final score was shot, and many of the girls worked hard to defend the ball. Holly was a strong asset to the team in this game, making lots intercepts. Despite the united determination, Maidwell’s defence won out in the end, but each of the girls should be proud of their playing.

U11A v St John’s U11A

WHS – 12
SJ – 6

The U11A team has had two close games since half term. Firstly against St John’s where play was in St John’s favour in the first quarter with Witham being unable to convert their chances or mostly even get the ball into the ‘D’. Fortunately, in the second quarter the pace picked up and there were fewer mistakes and Witham swept into the lead 4-2. Sophie was key in this quarter regularly making interceptions or marking the pass effectively so that the Witham girls managed to turn the ball around. In the third quarter, Witham maintained their pace and focus and in fact had eleven shots at goal, but only managed to convert five. The positive was that they were managing to get the ball into the ‘D’, something that they have struggled with. The final quarter was steady and Witham cemented their dominance on the game. There are still too many mistakes from this team – footwork and basic ball handling and throwing. When they gain greater consistency this will provide them with a much more secure platform for tactical play. Gigi was voted by St John’s as player of the match.

U11A v Maidwell Hall U11A

WHS – 7
MH – 2

On a shocking afternoon of rain and wind the girls took on a strong Maidwell side; once again struggled to convert their attacking chances. The team missed Bella’s dominance at GA as she came up against a very talented and athletic GD. Josie was also marked tightly by a tall GK. However, the Witham defence held strong only letting two goals in through the match – well done Rose and Matilda. Free passes were taken much more effectively in this game and there was a much better sense of purpose in the team. Millie and Lilia were both positive and effective. However, more work needed in feeding the ball into the ‘D’. Bella was voted player of the match.

U11B v St John’s U10A

WHS – 9
SJ – 0

The U11B Netball team played brilliantly against St John’s in rather wet conditions. That said, the first quarter was a little frustrating in that despite having most of the possession of the ball and numerous attempts at goal, we were unable to score. In the second quarter the girls worked hard and again dominated play and were rewarded with a lead at half time of 5 – 0. With well-timed movement and tight marking the girls extended their lead to 9 – 0 at full time. The girls were a pleasure to coach and full credit to them all for their positive and enthusiastic attitude despite the horrible weather. Well done girls!

U11B v Maidwell Hall U10A

WHS – 12
MH  – 3

The U11B Netball team once again rose to the challenge in playing in pretty horrid weather conditions. Great passing and tight marking allowed Witham to dominate much of the play. Well timed interceptions and good shooting resulted in 8 – 2 lead at half time to Witham. Understandably with the rain and cold the girls found it tricky to keep hold of the ball and a few mistakes crept in. That said, they kept on working hard and the match finished with a well-deserved 12 – 3 win. Another match were you showed that despite the weather you were all willing to give it your all, very well done girls.

U11C v St John’s U11C

WHS – 8
SJ – 2

The U11C team had a spirited netball match against St Johns Cambridge. The team was one player short, however, borrowed a different U11B player each quarter. Despite this, the girls were able to adapt to their situation and not so desirable weather conditions to play a game won through the effort of team work. Thanks to some wonderful intercepts in the goal third by Rachel and the centre third by Shivali, they were able to gain possession of the ball for the majority of the match with Witham leading 6 – 0 at half time. By moving into space and in front of their opponents, the girls were able to put in play many of the skills that they had been practicing, which allowed them to effectively communicate with each other.  Everyone played fantastically and demonstrated grand team spirit. Congratulations girls, showing great improvement.

U9 v Maidwell Hall U9

WHS – 5
MH – 3

Witham had a really evenly matched Netball game against Maidwell on a rather wet and windy Wednesday afternoon. The first quarter was very close with Witham not playing their best netball. Alexandra and Poppy both battled the wind to score one goal each. As the match progressed we began to string passes together more, and move into space. Alexandra, Grace and Lydia all scored in the last quarters, and if it weren’t for the wind I am sure both sides would have been higher scoring. Well done on a great win U9 team!