Catch up with Girls’ Hockey

04 Nov 2014

1st VII:

Witham Hall wins v Bourne Academy U14A

Witham showed no sign of missing the Year 7’s in their match against Bourne Academy with a simply ruthless display of hockey. Sophia Ktori and Felicity Bridges Webb ran riot down the flanks with Hattie Grace taking full advantage of their service with some clinical finishing. Lottie Bingham earned her just reward for hard work with some well taken goals on the far post with Maria Morris driving forward with power which enabled her to grab a couple of goals to her name too. The second half provided a great opportunity to play in some unfamiliar positions and Poppy Chatterton took full advantage netting her first Witham Hall goal as a centre forward. Another dominant display and with the Year 7’s to add to the squad, the team are certainly in an exciting period of the season.

Maidwell Hall 0

Witham Hall 6

(2 x Sophia Ktori, 1 x Isabella Manara, 1 x Philippa Hix, 1 x Anya Batty, 1 x Felicity Bridges Webb)

The Witham girls battled hard all match on a small pitch to leave victorious and claim another victory in this impressive season so far. The girls knew it would be tough to find space against a determined Maidwell side and the game did start in a scruffy fashion. It took a while for Witham to take a strangle hold on the match with passes going astray and taking too long to move the ball. Anya batty entered the attack and opened up the defence with her clever lead runs, duly tucking her opportunity away after a long ball through from Felicity Bridges Webb. Witham then piled on the pressure and scored another just before Jenna Lloyd made a simply astonishing save to keep the clean sheet alive. In the second half the girls started to play the ball with more authority and Sophia Ktori capitalised on some fine through balls to smash home two identical finishes. The girls continued their hard work right to the end and managed to keep yet another clean sheet.

2nd VII

Witham Hall:  1

Kimbolton: 0

On a busy Saturday with every senior girl in a fixture the 2nd VII team worked together especially well, considering this was once again a slightly different line up and was on a very small pitch. Harriet Darley struggled to find space on the right but kept working at it and when she finally got the ball made some great passes. Maria Morris was as strong as ever in the centre of the pitch with Jojo Chawner in front of her pushing for a goal. Sophie Wass had a flawless game in goal showing great confidence and knowledge. Maria was unlucky to have her goal disallowed from a short corner but a break by Jojo meant Witham scored in the last two minutes to win the game 1-0.

3rd VII:

Kimbolton U12B

Witham Hall: 1

(Issy Wass goal scorer)

Team : Captain – Holly Spragg, Piper Dallimore GK, Andrea Arenas Santos, Leonie Fraser, Issy Wass, Olivia Burnett, Tilly Conant

 The girls travelled to Kimbolton for a hard game against a strong, agile Kimbolton side.  With a good Friday team practice under our belts and lots of short corner work, the girls were ready to display their skills.  The first half was even, with each player marking very tightly indeed, which made it hard for both teams to find the space. Witham’s passing was strong, but lacked direction, which is something to work on for the next match!  Piper Dallimore in goal worked incredibly hard and performed some super saves, stopping Kimbolton taking an early lead.   Defensively, Team Burnett and Fraser were certainly dominant throughout and Kimbolton’s strong centre mid struggled making space in the attack.  Mid players; Andrea Arenas Santos, Holly Spragg and Tilly Conant continued to work hard in both defence and attack and certainly had a lot of possession.  Issy Wass made some excellent runs up front and was communicating for an early ball to be sent through.  The breakthrough came, just before the half time whistle enabling Issy to push the ball straight into the right corner of the goal.  Witham were up 1-0.  After a half time talk on ‘looking up before we pass’ and some individual positional advice, Witham were ready for the second half.  Again, our direction of pass was not as good as it normally is and the lifting of heads to look before we send was under par.  Witham gave it all they could, with excellent marking and tackling, but Kimbolton wouldn’t give up and just before the end of the game, produced a splendid shot at goal, which certainly ended up at the back of the net.  Nothing our GK could do about it.  Witham held off and the final score was Witham 1, Kimbolton 1.  A tight game and a good game to play for future development!  Well done to all the girls and special thanks to all our supporters who travelled to Kimbolton.


Witham Hall:  1

Kimbolton Under 12 C:  4

Witham Under 11 team played the Kimbolton 12 C team on Saturday. The Kimbolton girls were physically much bigger than Witham which meant Witham were somewhat intimidated to start .The Witham team were too slow to move the ball around the pitch and held back on their tackles in the first quarter of the game. This resulted in Kimbolton taking a two goal lead into the break. In the second half the Witham girls played with much more conviction and had more opportunities to score one of which was converted by Jemima Paganuzzi. The Witham defence were awesome working extremely hard to keep the opposition at bay but unfortunately Kimbolton scored two more goals. The whole team in the second half played very well and the score does not reflect the effort put in by the Witham girls.