Remember, remember Witham Fireworks in November!

06 Nov 2014

Witham Hall certainly knows how to make things sparkle!  Tuesday 4th November was certainly a sparkling day from start to finish.  The day started with a Guy Fawkes – Bonfire Night  themed assembly performed by Mrs Marie’s Mentor group; Ella Turner, Sacha Howells, Lottie Sharman, Emma Garvin, Josh Clarke, Tilly Golland and Alexander Edwards, finishing with a beautifully read ‘Fireworks Night’ poem.

Next on the days agenda was the Friends of Witham team getting together under the leadership of Lucy Lee to set up for the ‘Witham Hall Annual Fireworks’ event.  Barbeque lighting, glow stick gathering and many more exciting things were organised for the evening’s entertainment.

The evening drew in, as the crowds gathered to watch the Witham drummers set off proceedings, bringing in the ‘Witham Guy’, which then set off a terrific fireworks display.  It was magnificent!  The Witham community enjoyed a wonderful evening of fireworks and fun. 

Huge thanks must go to Lucy Lee and Friends of Witham for all their help and support and also to the Witham grounds and maintenance team. Thank you also to Mr Dash and his drummers for a super performance, as always! 


Firework Night read by Alexander Edwards


The fire was burning orange and bright,

The sparks were jumping into the night,

Crackling, spitting, hissing and popping,

Flames were leaping, dancing and bopping.

Catherine wheels whizzed around and around

Leaving a trail of sparks on the ground!

Up shot rockets, way up high

Into the depths of the black night sky.

With a sizzle and a sudden great BOOM!

A speeding rocket whizzes up high, ZOOM!

For a while it fell silent, and many did cower,

Until down on the crowds came a bright colourful shower!

Screamers whizzed and bangers banged,

Sparklers sparkled, but where did those sparks land?

A night full of surprises, excitement and fun,

Without Guy Fawkes, what would we have done?