U11A Rounders Team win their first round IAPS match with innings to spare!

05 May 2017

Witham Hall – 13

Fairfield Prep – 6

The U11A team made a good start to the term with a solid win against Fairfield. The girls won the toss and opted to field first. Their focus at the beginning of their fielding innings was commendable and the combination of catches from Bella and Millie, excellent work from the triangle of Matilda C, Bella and Rose A and a stumping at 2nd by Poppy meant that five of the first six batsmen from Fairfield were out by the seventh ball! Later in the game there were excellent catches from Poppy, Bella and Lilia. In two innings the girls restricted Fairfield to just 6 rounders.

With the bat in hand Witham were not quick to get going but they were certainly steady! Top scorers were Lilia (3 ½); Rose B (2 ½); Matilda H (2); Poppy and Gigi (1 ½ each). The girls ended up with 13 rounders from one innings and were thrilled to win this first IAPS game 13-6, with an innings to spare.