Rounding up the first Rounders matches

05 May 2017

1st IX v Bedford 1st IX (2nd round RNCF National Cup)

Witham Hall – 7 ½
Bedford – 17 ½

Witham travelled to Bedford for their first rounders match of the season against the raining U13 National Champions. With just a couple of training sessions under our belts, the girls went into field first. They did a really good job against some very big hitters; managing to limit their scoring relatively well considering they hit 74 out of the 79 balls they received!

It is safe to say Witham’s first batting innings was a long way off what the team are capable of. Bedford gave away half a rounder to ‘no balls’ and obstruction, with Sienna being a top scorer, scoring a grand total of ½ a rounder! Our second batting order was far more successful, with Kate, Jaz, Bonnie and Katie all getting on the score board, bringing our total to 7 ½. Lessons have been learnt from the match, and the team now know what standard they are aiming for.

1st IX v Oundle 1st IX

Witham Hall – 28
Oundle – 18 ½

Witham descended on Oundle on mass this Wednesday, with every single year 7 and 8 girl playing rounders.  After losing the toss we went into bat first, starting off quite tentatively. Witham comfortably managed to stay in for all 36 good balls, scoring 12 in the process. Oundle had one big hitter who tested our deep fielders, but aside from that Witham managed to get the whole team out by ball 36, and limited their score to 5 ½.

In the second innings Witham batted really well, with every player in the team scoring. Captain Sophie scored 4 full rounders after finding her stride in the first innings. We scored 16 rounders in the second innings, with just 3 batters out. Oundle stepped up their game significantly in the second innings, but couldn’t quite compete despite two of our fielders mis-catching the ball and it hitting them in the face! Well done girls – a much more positive game, with lots to work on (especially catching!).

2nd IX v Oundle U12A

Witham Hall – 11 ½
Oundle – 23

A tough first match for the 2nd IX Rounders team against Oundle’s U12As. Witham elected to field first and started the match well with good communication and accurate passing into the posts. However as Oundle increased in confidence hitting the ball further into the deep field, nerves began to show and mistakes allowed our opposition to increase their score. That said Zara, Chloe and Georgia worked superbly together getting a player out at 4th. In addition Chloe showed good reactions catching player out off a backwards hit. We struggled to match their batting skills with a handful of half rounders and only one full rounder scored in the first innings. Oundle continued to play well in the second innings and our girls struggled to keep their score to a minimum. To the credit of our girls their second batting innings was a great improvement from the first innings and many of them scored either half or a full rounder. The final score 11 ½ - 23 to Oundle . 

3rd IX v Oundle U12B

Witham Hall – 9
Oundle – 18 ½

The 3rd IX Rounders’ team were up against a very strong U12B team on a very cold, windy day. After a rather under whelming first innings score of 3 ½ the girls needed to put in a solid performance in the field. Unfortunately their fielding followed the suit of their batting and Oundle managed to rack up 12 ½ with many coming from fielding mistakes. Witham needed a change and with a few tweaks in the field, and a renewed vigour the girls certainly regained their pride with a much improved 5 ½ with the bat and restricting their opposition to just 8 in the field. Millie and Isobel certainly set the example with some concentrated and determined displays. A much-improved second innings and certainly one to build upon.

U11A v Laxton and Maidwell Hall U11A

Witham Hall – 13
Maidwell Hall – 10

Witham Hall – 8
Laxton JS – 5 

On a cold, damp and very grey day the U11A girls travelled to Laxton JS to play in a triangular. Having got used to the long game, all out, format last week this week it was the opposite with on 10 minute innings. It was crucial to bat with confidence from the first ball and field with focus and accuracy.

The girls certainly ‘felt’ the weight of the pressure of new stipulations and weather and ground conditions. However, they rallied and did enough to win both games. However, in their next match their needs to be greater accuracy with throwing and greater consistency with catching! Bella was voted ‘player’ of both matches by the different oppositions. Well done!

However there were other highlights too: there were catches from Millie, Bella, Rose A and Rose B. Over both games seven players were stumped out at first base with the triangle narrowly missing many more.  Millie was very secure in the field backing up effectively on many occasions. Gigi became the team’s motivator full of encouragement to all; top scorers over the whole afternoon were Gigi, Bella, Lilia and Rose A.

Well done U11As – tough wins on a miserable afternoon!

U11B v Laxton U11B

Witham Hall – 20
Laxton – 13

Witham lost the toss and went into bat first. After a slow start, Witham started to hit the ball with confidence and started to find the gaps in the field.  Isabella, Mollie, Maddie and Charlotte started the score line off with half and full rounders and then the rest of the team started to build belief. Matilda, Charlotte and Daisy produced further full and half rounders, bringing the score to 8 rounders after 27 balls. Witham knew they had to be tight within the field, as Laxton were a strong U11 team, with big hitters. Laxton went into bat and scored 1 and a half rounders after three balls, which was down to excellent hitting and accuracy. Witham soon got their act together though; they communicated well and started to think about the skills they had learnt and soon put them into practice. Eleanor, Josie and Isabella displayed a good selection of long barriers, stopping the hard hits from entering the outer field and keeping the score line low. Isabelle, Rachel and Josie certainly kept things tight in the outfield, by backing up base players and stopping any long distance hits. The score after one innings was Witham 8, Laxton 6.

In the second innings, the team showed determination and belief in themselves. Consistent hitting from every player and a good number of half and full rounders from the whole team! Our score went up to 20. Laxton had lost a bit of confidence, as they had made quite a few errors in the field, which helped our batting total. After a final team talk, Witham went into field and really got their act together. They kept the half rounders down by a tight second base play and back up team, which made Laxton work for the full rounders. The final score was Witham 20, Laxton 13. A great game to kick-start the season. Well done to all the team and thank you to all our supporters who came to watch the girls.

U11C v Laxton U10A

Witham Hall – 5 ½
Laxton – 20

The first match of the season was against Laxton Under 10A team. Witham batted first and the lack of practice at the beginning of the season showed. The girls found it difficult to make contact with the ball and only managed to score two rounders. In the field Witham were inexperienced, but quickly began to learn from their mistakes; Laxton batted well and took advantage of their opportunities. The Witham teams second innings was more successful but the Laxton side continued to hit the ball strongly resulting in a convincing win. Despite the score, the Witham team did well considering the majority of the side consisted of U9 girls who have never played a rounders match before!