Witham Hall v Spratton Hall in Rounders

10 May 2017

1st IX v Spratton Hall 1st IX

Witham – 42 ½
Spratton – 27

Witham had a block fixture against Spratton Hall this Saturday with almost every girl in years 5-8 playing in a match. The 1st IX made a steady start to their match, getting 5 of the Spratton girls out in the first 13 balls. Alice, Ella, Bonnie and Harriet all had great catches in the field in the first innings. Harriet had a shaky start in bowl, giving away 2 full rounders to no balls, but soon settled into the role, supported by Mia and Bonnie. There were some silly mistakes and thoughtless passes made, but the girls were in a strong position at the end of the first innings. In bat Witham were very effective, with only 3 balls out of the 36 being missed, with Alice scoring a hatrick of rounders!

In the second innings Witham were much more effective in the field, getting all of Spratton’s batters out before ball 36. Katie caught batter 1 out on the very first ball, with Alice, Harriet, Bonnie and Kate all following suit. Spratton had one outstanding batter who placed the ball deep in any gap, often creeping all the way onto the neighbouring rounders pitch, despite Sienna and Sophie’s best efforts! She scored 18 out of Spratton’s total 27 rounders; 10 of which were when she was the final batter having the best of 3 balls – thankfully Kate managed to catch her out on ball 34 in the second innings! Witham came into bat feeling positive and scoring on 25 out of the 36 balls! Sophie, Jaz and Alice all scored hatricks, and in total the Witham girls scored 24 ½ in the second innings alone. A fantastic game, well done girls!

2nd IX v Spratton Hall 2nd IX

Witham – 16
Spratton – 12 ½ 

Spratton Hall elected to field first in the first innings of 36 balls. Witham initially found it tricky to get much distance with their batting but soon found their rhythm. Poor Pippa slipped at 1st post but was able to score a full rounder and bravely played the duration of the match despite a rather painful large graze on her leg. The girls collectively achieved 4 full rounders and a number of ½ rounders, achieving a score of 8 ½. Our opponents batted next scoring quickly. Our girls responded effectively and Georgina showed calmness in the deep catching two batters out in succession. Chloe caught a batter out from a backwards hit and other batters where dismissed at various posts limiting Spratton’s score to 6 ½ rounders at the end of the first innings. With only 2 rounds separating the teams and the innings reduced to 27 balls the match could have gone either way. A steady number of both ½ and full rounders, coupled with some mistakes from our opponents fielding allowed Witham to build on their total to finish on 16. Credit must go to Lottie for being the highest scorer of the match, well done! Spratton also managed to score a number of rounders keeping Jess, Zara and Millie busy in the deep field but they worked hard and support each other beautifully limiting their opportunities to score. 5 players were dismissed at 1st post (well done Lulie, Chloe and Georgia) and our opponents finished with a total of 12 ½ runs. A very well played match with a deserved 16 – 12 ½ win to Witham - well done girls!

3rd IX v Spratton Hall 3rd IX

Witham – 17 ½
Spratton – 8 ½

The 3rd team had a spirited game against Spratton Hall. Their final performance and result is a credit to the girls, reflecting on massive improvements that have been made since their last match. Despite being a player down, the girls had a tactical advantage of utilising all members of the team to their potential. As a result, the girls performed as a team rather than individual players, and thus, attributing to their stellar performance.

The flame of team spirit was clearly evident in the second innings. Firstly with the performance of the batting and running to posts. By hitting the ball into spaces, many of the girls were able to achieve half rounders, with some of them going on to score a full rounder. By keeping this determination alive in their batting innings, they were able to score 11 ½ just in the second innings alone! In the field the team demonstrated great communication between the bowler, backstop and the rest of the team. This communication allowed the girls to hinder the other teams second innings score to 3 ½. A well-played game girls and a much deserved win; great effort and team spirit from the whole team!

U11A v Spratton Hall U11A

Witham – 11 ½
Spratton – 4 ½

This was a tough match in uninspiring conditions - fortunately the girls were well organised with astros enabling them to cope with the wet slippery grass. Witham won the toss and elected to field first and managed to keep things tight allowing Spratton only 1 ½ rounders. Four of the Spratton team were stumped out at first base on their first turns by the Rose at 1st base; while this was an excellent start made by the triangle they found it difficult to maintain the momentum and crispness that opened the innings. Overall, this was a good fielding innings though, with improvement in the consistency of skills.

With the bat in hand Bella showed some flourish (2), but Millie (3 ½) and Poppy (2) showed the most improvement. Rose B showed that the power of her hit is really coming together, but now needs to combine that with good decision making. Bunny has skill with the bat, but now needs to find the gaps and not the fielders! Well done girls – a tough day for rounders, but you all held it together well!

U11B v Spratton U11B

Witham– 10
Spratton   – 7 

The Witham Hall U11B ‘Dream Team’ travelled to Spratton Hall to play their U11B Rounders team.  This was going to be a very tough game, but the girls were certainly up for the challenge. We lost the toss and went straight into bat. Witham found it difficult to get a rhythm with the bat, with Spratton’s fast, accurate bowler, but they soon got into the swing of things. Witham scored their first rounder by Captain Josie and then half rounders soon followed by Charlotte and Rachel.  Witham again, started to find it difficult to make contact, until ball 22, where Matilda found a huge gap in the Spratton field and scored a full rounder, followed by Mollie and Izzie and a final half rounder by Isabella. The batting score was 6 ½ so Witham had to field tight. After a ‘Dream Team’ team talk, Witham knew what they had to do in the field. Tilly was tight at back stop and Eleanor, Daisy, Josie and Isabella were tight in the deep fielding areas. However, this couldn’t stop ball 1, where the Spratton girl hit it so hard and far, they had a rounder straight away, followed by another rounder at ball 3. Spratton were accurate batters and made contact regularly. Their score was consistent and after 30 balls the final total was 7.

Witham had to really get their eye in on the batting innings to stand a chance in this game. Izzie scored a rounder, followed by half rounders by Isabella, Matilda and Charlotte and there were a few no balls balled. The Witham total was a further 3 ½, which gave Witham an overall score of 10.  Spratton only needed to score 3 ½ rounders to win! Mrs Welch took the Witham team off for a ‘confidence boosting’ final team talk and with a few strategic positional changes, Witham went back into field. The first ball was bowled by accurate Mollie and their strongest hitter was out at second base, with efficient fielding by Eleanor. On both ball 9 and ball 10, both girls were stumped out at second base. The Witham ‘Dream Team’ were on fire, they were electric and they wanted to win.  The team spirit was incredible and the girls were working as one. A further 10 balls were balled, with no score and only 7 balls left. Spratton had still not scored a single half/full rounder. Ball 21, a missed hit; ball 22 caught by Mollie; ball 23 out at fourth post by Tilly; ball 24 a missed ball, things were nerve-wracking and tight!  Ball 25 a missed ball; ball 26 out at fourth post and finally ball 27, out at second post.  Spratton had not scored in their second batting innings, giving them a final score of 7 rounders. Witham had won the game 10 rounders to 7! Mrs Welch felt like she had won the National finals! The girls were ecstatic and the team were truly unbelievable in every possible way. True Witham team spirit, team work, backbone and determination to work together and ‘want’ was clear on this afternoon. The team should be very proud of their efforts and they deserved to win the game after producing a fine example of team work. Thank you to the ‘Dream Team’ and huge thanks to our wonderful supporters team, who certainly went through the motions too!  Well done to all!