Witham Girls Hockey Teams Impress v Wisbech Grammar and Magdalene House (Wisbech Prep)

10 Nov 2014

1st VII:

Witham Hall 3

Wisbech Grammar 0

(Sophia Ktori x2, Felicity Bridges Webb x 1)

Witham started well against an organised Wisbech side and it didn’t take long for Sophia Ktori to smash home a simply stunning goal from the right side. The girls continued to battle hard with Hattie Grace ever present showing neat skill setting up Sophia again to smash home an impressive strike. Once two goals up, Witham coasted but didn’t force much pressure on the Wisbech goal. The girls had plenty of possession but couldn’t find the cutthroat finish to the half. In the second period, Witham worked extremely hard to move the ball quickly around the pitch but with a strong Wisbech defence, the game turned into a scrappy affair. It took a moment of brilliance from Poppy Chatterton to slide through a majestic ball to Sophia who set up Felicity Bridges Webb to slot home. 3 – 0 it stayed, another good display of hockey from the girls.

2nd VII:

Witham Hall 3

Wisbech Grammar U12A 0

Witham Hall came up against a well organised and skilled Wisbech side yesterday. Wisbech looked particularly dangerous in the first few minutes of the match while Witham took a little while to find their feet. All three of Witham’s goals were the result of superb team work and efficient use of space with Ella Turner, Anya Batty and Jojo Chawner all getting the final touches and claiming the 3 goals. Defence was outstanding from Lydia Plant and Catherine Swanston, Lydia in particular making some crunching tackles! A great game, with a terrific result, well done girls!


Witham Hall 1

Wisbech  2

(Isla Campbell)  

Team :   Captain – Leonie Fraser, GK – Fraser Hakney, Isla Campbell, Mia Harcourt, Chica Maitland, Olivia Burnett, Piper Dallimore

The Year 8 U13B team were very excited to be playing together as a year group under the  Captaincy of Leonie Fraser.  Witham knew it was going to be a tough game and were ready for action.  The first half: the team really gelled from the start, their passing was super and their special awareness and positioning was good.  Witham had a lot of possession and took control from the start.  After 10 minutes Isla Campbell made a break through, received a wonderful pass down the middle channel from Chica Maitland and sent a wonderful strike into the far left corner.  Witham were leading 1-0.  Minutes afterwards, Wisbech were back in the game, with some hard striking of the ball and accurate passing.  Olivia Burnett, Leonie Fraser and Fraser Hakney (GK) had to work hard to keep the five shots on target out of the back of the net.  Fraser stopped some outstanding shots at goal and really showed improvement and self-belief!  At half time the score was Witham 1, Wisbech 0. 

Wisbech would certainly come back and Witham were ready.  Wisbech had much of the possession in the first five minutes of play and scored a super early goal.  Witham fought back and quickly made some excellent runs into the D and sent several shots at goal.  Piper Dallimore, Mia Harcourt, Chica Maitland and Isla Campbell all worked hard for that extra goal.  The scores were level and both teams had even possession.  Witham started to get tired and made a few silly passing mistakes, of which Wisbech took advantage.  They scored just before full time.  Wisbech won 2-1.  The Under 13B team played an outstanding game and produced the best hockey I have seen them play together.  I am very proud of everything they have produced and we will now move into the next game with even more belief.  Well done girls!  Thank you to all our supporters who came to watch the game. 


Witham Hall  3

Magdalene House  3

This was a fantastic match of end to end hockey. The girls played some of their best hockey of the season against a very competitive and able side from Magdalene House. It was a pleasure to see so many 10 and 11 year olds playing at such a high standard. Well done!


Witham Hall  6

Magdalene House  0

The first really cold day of the season saw Witham travel to Wisbech to play the junior school. Witham dominated throughout the game and could quite easily have been three goals up in the first few minutes but we lacked decisive finishing. Katie Wraith and Mia Paylor in defence had very little to do but when needed they were very solid keeping Magdelene at bay. Isabella Micklewright scored the first goal with a positive strike which was quickly followed by a goal from Bonnie Harris. In the second half, Witham continued to dominate with Jemima Paganuzzi scoring a hat trick and Pippa Thompson scoring an excellent solo goal. This was an excellent all round performance by the Witham girls.


Witham Hall  1

Magdalene House  0

After a quick warm up on the grass and a few hits on the astro turf the girls were right into their match. The first half of 20 mins was good, the girls managed to keep the ball away from Sophia Hallam, the goalie, and to keep bringing it up the pitch. Zara Williams, with the help of Lulie Pumphrey did well to clear it from the D to get it higher up to our attacking players. Cecily Hopkins and Chloe Howard were always alert in the centre and ready to take it into the attacking D. Before the first half was over Kate Harris scored an excellent goal from the wing. The first half ended: 1-0 to Witham.

The second half went a lot quicker than the first as the girls improved their gameplay with more accurate passing and positioning. With excellent tackling from Isabelle Golland, Jemima Foljambe and Sienna McAlpine Witham had more possession of the ball. The girls improved on clearing it to the wings and taking the ball up the pitch to score a goal. The game ended with a score of 1-0 to Witham.

U11 Lightning:

Witham Hall 2

Magdalene House 1

Despite the bitterly cold afternoon, both sets of players started the match brightly. It was very much end to end action, with goalkeeper Sophia Hallam having to make some super saves early on. Excellent tackling from Emma Garvin and Sienna McAlpine made it tough for the Magdalene girls. However, Magdalene persisted and opened the scoring with a fine effort. Witham got fired up and came back at Magdalene. Isabelle Golland, Jemima Foljambe, Hera Chatterton and Kitty East all played their part in creating chances for their team. But it was the cool head of Sienna De Gale who, despite coming close to scoring earlier in the match, was able to calmly slot the ball past the goalkeeper. At half tim the score was 1-1.

In the second half, Witham started brightly, but couldn’t quite get the final ball right. The Magdalene goalkeeper was also in superb form, making some wonderful saves. It wasn’t all one way action and Sophia Hallam was required to make some crucial saves at the other end. But it was Sienna De Gale who popped up again to score the winning goal, placing the ball expertly past the goalie. A super game all-round, 2-1 to Witham!


Witham Hall Cubs 1

Magdalene House U9A 1

Witham Hall Beavers  5

Magdalene House U9A  0

The U9 Beavers and Cubs each played a game against Magdalene House ‘A’ team. First up were the Cubs: in the first half it was end to end play, but increasingly the girls bunched together and so on gaining possession they had no one to pass to as their team mates were so close to them! Maddie Bryars, perhaps more than the rest, managed to hold onto her position on the right wing and made some good ground moving the ball towards the Witham goal after receiving some good clearances from Isabella Beattie and Gigi Granger. It was a shame that in the dying moments of the first half Magdalene House found the back of the goal after a hit out of the ‘D’ that managed to ‘shave’ a couple of other sticks en route to the goal! In the second half the girls really moved forward tactically. There was much more spreading out and holding of positions and Witham had much of the ball. Once again, in the dying moments, a goal was scored……this time however, it was a Witham goal bringing the score to 1-1. Daisy Smith Maxwell had a free hit outside of the ‘D’, and although faced with three defenders she calmly moved the ball around to find some space and then slotted an excellent pass through to Eleanor Tickler who scored a magnificent first touch goal.

The U9 Beavers played the second match of the day. They were much too strong for the Magdalene team. However, they worked hard to put training into practice which did mean at times that mistakes were made. However, much better that the girls try to use skills learnt in training in matches than treat the game as something divorced from the practice situation. Josie Turner was once again a solid presence in defence and was ably supported by Charlotte Bingham and Poppy Wraith who are increasingly able to keep calm and maintain possession of the ball under pressure. Bella Fox, Matilda Craven, Rose Brassey were all most effective in attack. (Rose 1; Matilda 2; Bella 2) Sophie Marshall played in both matches and worked hard both in defence and attack. Well done!

Thank you to all our spectators who braved the increasingly cold afternoon!