Racking up the Rounders!

16 May 2017

1st IX v Lincoln Minster 1st IX

Witham Hall – 38
Lincoln Minster – 3 ½

On a beautiful sunny afternoon, the senior rounders girls headed up to Lincoln for their rounders matches against Lincoln Minster’s U13A and U12A teams. Witham lost the toss so went into bat first, started off wonderfully by Alice scoring a rounder on the first ball. The team scored on 20 of the 28 good balls, accumulating 17 in total. Lincoln’s first batter hit the ball deep into the field, but luckily for Witham, Sophie managed to get underneath it for the catch! Mia also had a great catch from the bowling box, and some savvy fielding from the whole team kept Lincoln down to just 1 ½!

In the second innings the Witham team were feeling confident, using their lead to take risks and try things they wouldn’t normally do in a match situation. Some optimistic running from Katie meant she was out at 3rd unfortunately, but everyone else stayed in until their last ball. Alice scored 4 rounders off 4 balls, taking her total for the day to 6 ½ for 7 balls! Every member of the team scored at least 1 full rounder and the girls all worked as a team, calling to each other and supporting one another, despite Lincoln having 11 in the field. This gave the Witham girls an opportunity to try out some different fielding positions, with Harriet off resting her knee, Sienna and Bonnie had a go at bowling, Ella in back stop, Katie on 2nd, and numerous other players moving around. Lincoln scored a full rounder on the 8th ball, but the fielding team rose to the challenge once again resulting in a win by 34 ½ rounders!

1st IX v St Hugh’s 1st IX

Witham Hall – 36
St Hugh’s – 8

The Witham 1st team went into field first, looking sharp from the very first ball with a long throw in from the deep field to stump batter 1 out at 4th post. It took St Hugh’s until ball 23 and 25 to score 2 half rounders! Lulie, Jaz, and Harriet all had great catches in the fields. Witham felt confident going into bat, with Sophie, Ella, Katie and Mia all having particularly good innings and scoring on almost every ball. Jaz was unlucky to be caught out on her first bat, but everyone else stayed in until their last ball, totalling 18 ½.

St Hugh’s had a better second innings scoring 6, despite tight fielding from Witham whilst trialling out different positions. Harriet did very well between 1st and 2nd post, stumping several players out. Despite Witham having already won the game, St Hugh’s were happy for our girls to have a second bat. St Hugh’s again made improvements, giving no half rounders away to no balls. Every member of the Witham team scored, with Bonnie scoring a hatrick! Sienna was unlucky to be caught out after a fantastic rounder on her first ball. Alice batted well despite being disappointed with her fielding effort. Another very convincing win for the 1st IX rounders team – well done girls!

U13B v Lincoln Minster U12A

Witham Hall – 19 ½
Lincoln Minster – 5 ½ 

Witham batted first against Lincoln Minster and with the first three girls scoring Witham quickly took control of the match. Our opponents worked hard to limit our score but our girls were able to strike the ball into the deep field and take advantage of some miss fielding. Lincoln Minster then batted but struggled to connect with ball and as a result their scoring opportunities were minimised. Izzy caught a superb ball and Chloe’s quick reactions didn’t let her down catching another backwards hit. The half time score was 11 – 3 to Witham, allowing our girls to start the second innings with confidence. The girls continued to find spaces in the deep field and added another 8 ½ rounders to their total. Lincoln Minster tested our fielders but they responded calmly and efficiently with Jess catching a fantastic ball and the triangle of Lulie, Chloe and Georgia worked beautifully. The match finished with another well-deserved win of 19 ½ - 5 ½ rounders to Witham - very well done girls.

U11A to Worksop Prep Tournament

The U11A had a very successful afternoon on Wednesday in a mini tournament at Worksop Prep. Learning from their very many mistakes at games on Tuesday they really showed some spark, courage and ambition in the way they conducted themselves in each match.

Witham Hall – 13
Wellow House – 2

Against Wellow the girls capitalised on every ball hit scoring 13 rounders from 20 good balls and declaring at that point. Top scorers were Gigi, Bella and Lilia (2 each). The Witham girls were attacking in the field too, with six of the Wellow girls out at first base either through swift fielding from hit balls directly to first or through the triangle from missed hits. Well done to Matilda, Bella and Rose A.

Witham Hall – 17 ½
Burton Hathow – 2

Against Burton Hathow the girls really upped their game again and enjoyed some more tremendous hitting with Bella at one point hitting the ball through the hedge! Rose A impressed and Poppy really upped her success rate too. Six girls from the Burton Hathow team were out at first base and Matilda showed increased pace from the centre.

Witham Hall – 12 ½
Worksop Prep – 4

The hardest competition came from Worksop Prep. Tops scorers were Lilia (2 ½), Gigi (2); Rose A (2) and Milie (1 ½). The fielding went well and the girls managed to get Worksop out in 17 balls.

Communication was much better in the team with lots of signs that the girls were really starting to work well together and back each other up. Gigi impressed in the field with her communication and accurate throws. Charlotte made a welcome return back to games and Rose A made an excellent start in a new position in the field. Well done girls!

U11A v St Hugh’s

Witham Hall – 27 ½
St Hugh’s – 13 ½

This was another strong performance with the bat from the Witham U11A side, who moved into a leading position after one innings. From their 30 balls they scored 14 ½ rounders with the majority of balls being struck cleanly and some girls managing to find good spaces in the field. When it came to the turn of the Witham girls to field, there was lots of action with the children being confident enough to try some adventurous throwing to posts that at times didn’t work out, but at other times was exciting to watch. Nevertheless the reaction of time of fielders is still a little on the slow side and the lack of movement forward in tune with the bowler needs further work. However, overall this was a confident display where the team needed only one innings to get their win, but played on nevertheless, enjoying the full match and being challenged by a few good batters from St Hugh’s who were difficult to get out. Charlotte, Bella and Sophie all took good catches – Sophie’s was particularly spectacular! Top scorers were Bella and Lilia, with Rose A and Poppy in hot pursuit.

U12/11B v The Peterborough School U11A

Witham Hall – 22 ½
Peterborough – 11 ½

The mixed U12/11B team travelled away to The Peterborough School to play their U11A team. Witham soon got on the score sheet, with Maddie, Matilda, and Issy scoring quick full and half rounders. The Peterborough School were strong fielders; particularly at second base, where they were very tight and accurate.  Witham were confident with the bat and further rounders\half rounders were scored by Isabella, Jemima, Eleanor and Daisy. The first innings batting score was 11.  Peterborough went into bat and found it hard to score because of how tight the Witham fielding was. Josie and Millie were great in the deep fielding areas, with accurate throws to bases as well as the combination of bowler (Jemima) and back stop (Matilda) working well. Peterborough scored 8 rounders with one of their girls hitting 5 full rounders!

Witham went back in for the second innings and again were consistent with the bat, scoring 11 ½ rounders.  Peterborough had their final hit and scored a further 8 ½.  Witham’s team work, skill and work rate was superb and it was good to see consistency across all areas of play. Well done girls!

U10 v The Peterborough School U10

Witham Hall – 26 ½
Peterborough – 6

Witham won the toss and decided to field.  Witham’s team work and organisation was super with a lot of backing up and accurate throws into bases to stop the scoring players.  Bowler Mollie delivered some wonderful balls, with great back up from Matilda. Tilly, Isabelle and Bunny were on their toes throughout in the deep field and very little passed them.  Charlotte was quick to get the team out at second base, with accurate throws from Shivali, Izzie and Rachel. Witham were really playing together and gelling as a team, keeping the score down to just 3 rounders. Witham went into bat and they were really watching the ball and aiming to score the full rounder.  Consistent hitting by all led to a first innings score of 15 ½.

Peterborough went back into bat and struggled to make consistent strikes on the ball, but furthered their score by 3 rounders. Witham had won, with just one innings, but Peterborough wanted Witham to bat to 18 balls, to have practice of playing against hard hitting teams. Witham scored a final 11 rounders in the second innings, bringing their score to 26 ½.  A good team effort throughout, well done and thank you to all our supporting team too.

Witham Hall U11B v St Hugh’s U11B

Witham Hall – 22
St Hugh’s – 10 ½

Witham lost the toss and went into bat. We were very slow to start with and were finding it quite difficult to strike the ball consistently. Witham started to build the half rounders with Matilda, Charlotte, Maddie and Eleanor scoring, the score line started to take shape. St Hugh’s went into bat and struggled against tight fielding and good catching. Isabella, Matilda, Daisy and Josie sent in some excellent overarm throws to Eleanor and Charlotte on second and third base. Bunny demonstrated some good long barriers to stop the full rounder score. Bowler Mollie was accurate and started to put a bit of spin on the ball, which made it difficult for St Hugh’s to read.  After one innings, St Hugh’s scored 4 ½ rounders.

In the second innings Matilda and Charlotte did brilliantly, scoring 3 rounders each from 3 balls. The score line was growing and there was a good spread of full and half rounders.   A much better second batting innings by Witham. St Hugh’s went back into bat and improved their score line too. Witham fielded well and it was difficult to score at second or fourth. St Hugh’s scored a further 6 rounders, bringing their final score to 10 ½.  A great afternoon had by all, with a competitive, friendly feel to the game.

U9 and U9 v Worksop Prep U9 and U8

Witham U9 – 10
Worksop – 16

Witham U8 – 10
Worksop – 10

All four teams started nervously with a number of fielding mistakes, but as the innings progressed all the teams gained in confidence. The Witham girls managed to make contact with the ball and scored half and full rounders in both games. In the second innings the Under 9 game Witham fielded particularly effectively and batted strongly scoring 8 rounders but unfortunately this was not enough to stop a Worksop victory. The Under 8 game was extremely close and both teams played positively resulting in a well-deserved draw. All of the girl’s played very well and are improving with every game.