Incredi-ball Rounders!

22 May 2017

Witham Hall U9 v Laxton Junior School U9

Witham – 18
Laxton – 18

All the year 4 girls travelled to Oundle to play Laxton on Thursday afternoon. Both teams took time to settle into the match, Witham batted first and made the most of some fielding errors by the opposition to score 9 rounders. When fielding Witham initially appeared nervous allowing Laxton to be 1 rounder ahead at the changeover. Both teams decision making was much more decisive in their second innings and a very even game resulted in a draw which was a very fair result. All of the girls made a positive contribution to the team and this was a much stronger all-round performance than last week.

Witham Hall U8 v Laxton Junior School U8

Witham – 3 ½
Laxton – 5 ½

The Year 3 girls had their second ever rounders match; although it wasn’t high scoring it was certainly exciting! Lots of the girls scored half rounders, and Jemima even got all the way round to 4th post to score a full rounder. Chiara did a superb job on second post, stumping 7 players out! Rosie had a brilliant catch in backstop, and the whole team showed great progress in the field. Olivia was voted as the Player of the Match by the Laxton team. Inexperience showed throughout the game, but it was a really positive game with all of the girls thoroughly enjoying their experience.