Final Senior Rounders matches of 2017

03 Jul 2017

1st IX v Ratcliffe College 1st IX

Witham Hall – 29 ½
Ratcliffe – 11 ½

All of the senior girls travelled to Kimbolton for as triangular fixture against both Ratcliffe College and Kimbolton. The 1st team faced Ratcliffe first, on that back of a narrow defeat against Kimbolton putting an end to their unbeaten season. Witham went into bat first and captain Sophie started things off with a bang, charging past second post and a close call from the umpire leaving Ratcliffe on the back foot and Witham straight away putting 1 ½ on  the score board. Kate had an unbelievable batting innings showing just how far she has come this term. Jaz brilliantly scored 3 rounders from 3 balls, and every member of the team scored at least once, totaling 18. Ratcliffe undoubtedly had some big hitters and skilful players, but they were no match for the Witham team on this occasion. We even had a switch around from our usual positions with Ella having a go at backstop, Bonnie in bowl, Alice in the field and Kate moving in between 2nd and 3rd – Ratcliffe totaled 5 ½.

At the half time point Witham were comfortably in the lead and the whole team were really enjoying playing together. In the second innings Sienna really shone in bat, firing the ball into the gaps and running with great determination to score a hatrick. Ratcliffe had definitely stepped their game up though and got a couple of our players out before their last go. Witham responded to this in the field and got Ratcliffe out by ball 22 and only allowing them to score 3 rounders, predominantly thanks to Bonnie’s ‘donkey drops’ in bowl.

1st IX v KImbolton 1st IX

Witham Hall – 22 ½
Kimbolton – 12 ½

The 1st girls went straight from one match into the next, on a real high after their win. We lost the toss again and went into bat first, against started off with Sophie’s determined running. Witham found it slightly tougher to score against the Kimbolton side, but Harriet stole the show with her impressive batting, coupled with Jaz running for her due to injury, and scoring on all 4 balls she faced. Kimbolton struggled to get past our fielding team, getting both the 2nd and 3rd batters out on their first goes at 1st post thanks to quick thinking from Alice, Harriet and Jaz.

In the second innings Witham really stepped it up a gear. Sophie scored 3 ½ from 4 balls, really leading the way. Everyone really wanted it, and even if they were out due to being too risky in their running, they were cheering and calling to their team. In the field Witham were so impressive I almost struggled to keep focus whilst umpiring – it was so exciting to watch! Kimbolton where all out by ball 18, our triangle was slick, the bowling trio of Harriet, Sophie and Bonnie mixed it up to baffle the batters, and we had the 2nd and 3rd team cheering us on. Kimbolton only managed 2 ½ in the second innings, and Witham finished the season with their best performance of the term and on a real high. It has been such a pleasure to coach this team and I’m so very proud of them – well done girls!  

2nd IX v Ratcliffe  College 2nd IX and Kimbolton 2nd IX

Witham Hall – 15
Ratcliffe – 7 ½

Witham Hall – 17
Kimbolton  – 1

The 2nd IX Rounders team had a fantastic afternoon winning both matches convincingly. They played in a triangular match, playing Ratcliffe College first. The girls dominated play quickly taking advantage of some miss fielding from our opponents in their first batting innings. With 8 ½ rounders scored our girls went confidently into field and with some superb catching out in the deep and quick reactions from bowler, backstop to 1st post saw Ratcliffe struggling to score. The second innings mirrored the first and the final score was a well-deserved 15 – 7 ½ win to Witham. 

The second match against Kimbolton demonstrated just how well the girls can play. They consistently hit the ball into the deep field when batting and again took advantage of careless mistakes from the opposition. Our girls’ fielding was first class in both innings in which Kimbolton struggled to stay in, let alone score. Amazing bowling, catches, accurate passes to stump batters out all contributed to a fantastic final score 17 -1 to Witham. A wonderful way to finish the season in which the girls have been an absolute delight to coach. Very well done to you all.

3rd IX v Ratcliffe College 3rd IX and Kimbolton U12A

Witham Hall – 11
Ratcliffe – 14

Witham Hall – 12
Kimbolton – 13

Last Saturday the 3rd IX Rounders team played two impressive games against Ratcliffe and Kimbolton. In the first game against Ratcliffe everyone played with diligence and encouragement for one another which was very beneficial, particularly when Izzy G was the last batter standing and scored a full rounder, and was able to bat again! The competition was tough and the final score was Ratcliffe 14 Witham 11.

The girls had a strong first innings against Kimbolton, scoring 7 ½ rounders between them. Jemima C managed to hit 3 rounders! It came down to the last innings, where Witham had to make another innings of 7 ½ rounders to win. It was evident they could do it, however unfortunately pressure got to the girls and the final score was Kimbolton 13 Witham 12. Despite the result of both games, the girls gave it their all and they should be really proud of themselves!