Double National Champion!

04 Jul 2017

Matilda Craven enjoyed a great weekend of archery (1/2 July) and is now Double National Outdoor Champion after winning the Compound Under 12 Metric and Imperial Archery titles.

Saturday 1st July was the Metric competition in which Tillie achieved a score of 1424 out of a possible 1440.  Every single one of the 144 arrows hit the gold centre and 68 hit the centre X.  This score is only 5 points off the world record and was the highest score achieved by any archer on the day and the second highest score ever.

Sunday 2nd July was the Imperial competition and Tillie achieved a score of 1292 out of a total 1296.  Only two arrows missed the centre gold by millimetres from a total of 144 arrows.  Again, Tillie achieved the highest score of the day and this time was only 4 points short of the world record.

Many congratulations!

Archery 1