National Poetry Day

19 Sep 2017

National Poetry Day has been an annual event for 23 years, and it is always a welcome and fond experience to re-discover verses half- forgotten, as well as to encounter new poems that offer us something fresh.

Clicking the link below will take you to the home page where you can view this year’s featured poems.

As this year’s theme is freedom, it perhaps fitting that the poster features a bird (as free as a bird?), or perhaps a dove, the universal symbol of peace, as so in many of the poems one can find voices in search of that precious quality, that is often the most pure expression of freedom itself.

I hope that if you can browse these poems, you may find something for yourself in their lines that strikes a chord; whether your “freedom” is something close to the nineteen-year-old John Magee, Icarus-like, soaring to the sun, or the quiet contemplation of W.B. Yeats upon his beloved island, there is something for us all.

As always, the children will be encouraged to read, discuss and write poems during the week in their lessons, something that we, the staff always share and enjoy. We will celebrate the day in assembly on Friday the 29th September.

NPD 2017