Hockey Update

02 Oct 2017

Year 8 VII v Greshams 1st VII

Witham – 1
Greshams – 6

It was always going to be a tough game playing such a strong side with a mix of 1st and 2nd team players with the Year 7’s away in France. However it was a great opportunity for those players who have been playing well to step up with Izzy, Ffion and Jemima certainly working hard to impress. After conceding an early goal, Witham didn’t back off and Bonnie produced a stunning solo goal to bring Witham back into the match. With the game providing some end to end attacking hockey it was unfortunately Witham who suffered with inexperience costing the team goals on the counter attack. At half time the score was 4-1 and the team needed to be more aggressive in defence, to stop diving into tackles against skilful players and clear the ball out of their ‘D’ far more efficiently. With this, they certainly made a big improvement in the second half only conceding two and should in all honesty have scored far more. A tough afternoon for the girls but one I know they will take a great deal from. Thank you to Greshams for a great fixture and for their packed teas.

U11A v Greshams U13B

Witham – 3
Greshams – 5

It was a nervous moment for the team, myself and the parents as we sent a squad of 10 and 11 year old Year 6 girls out against a side of 13 year olds that towered above them! Having not conceded in a match, and winning 7-0, 8-0 etc the U11A team needed a tough match. Greshams certainly supplied this and it was truly end to end competitive hockey! Greshams scored the first two goals but Witham started to find their stride, moving the ball round and having more than their fair share of attacking play. Rose scored our first goal, giving the whole team a lift. The second half was even more exciting than the first, with both teams working really hard. Eliza had some lovely attacking play, winning a short corner that was scored with great composure from Matilda. Charlotte was certainly tested this match, she saved some outstanding goals and rebound shots – well done! Some mistakes in defence and lapses in concentration meant that Greshams scored three goals in the second half; certainly things to work on before IAPS on Monday. Eliza broke past two of their defence to a one on one with the keeper, skillfully finding the backboard. This was a physical and competitive match, and despite the final score, the girls came off the pitch feeling like winners.

U11B v Greshams U11A

Witham – 0
Greshams – 1

This was an extremely close game with both teams having good spells of possession. The Witham team held their positions much better in this match and were able to find the wings, who managed to progress the ball and cross it into the circle. Both teams had opportunities to score but excellent goal keeping meant that up until almost the last play of the match, the game was goal-less. A momentary lapse of concentration by the defence allowed Greshams to score in the last minute. This was a good all-round performance from everyone.

U11C v Greshams U11B

Witham – 1
Greshams – 3

The U11C team had a great competitive hockey match against Greshams U11B team, with some progressive hockey played by both sides. Clara did well in goal, supported by her defence. There was some nice play from the Witham girls using the width of the pitch and Izzie scored a goal after dribbling down the right wing. Despite their hard work, Greshams were the stronger side and they won the game 3-1.

U9A v Maidwell Hall U9A

Witham – 5
Maidwell – 0

The U9A team had a fantastic match against Maidwell Hall this Thursday. For some of the girls it was their first away match and it was an exciting experience. The Witham team had the majority of the attacking play throughout the game, working really hard at maintaining possession and position. Eloise, in her first ever hockey match and as a Year 3, scored our first goal with a fantastically powerful hit past their goal keeper. This was shortly followed by speedy Katie whizzing up the wing to score a goal crossed in from Captain Georgia on the right. After the first half the score was 2-0 but the girls still had plenty left in them! Eloise and Millie both fought hard to score another goal each, whilst the defence cleared any attacking play from Maidwell. The final goal of the match came from a great short corner, especially when you consider how few opportunities the team have had to practice these; Millie and Rosie worked brilliantly together to find the backboard. Well done to all of the U9A girls and thank you to all of our parents for their side-line support!