Uppingham on the Buzzer

20 Nov 2014

Witham Hall School entered two Year 6 teams and the pupils were:

Team A

A Howells

E Rodell

T Davison

W Robertson

Team B

S Hallam

S Hamilton

A Bingham

R Tombs

As ever, Uppingham had organised a marvellous general knowledge quiz for ten prep schools (some with two teams like Witham) to compete in great spirit and determination. 

Competed using a ‘University Challenge’ style ruling meant that the teams had to be quick on the buzzer for the starter question and hopefully answer all the bonus questions correctly. 

The teams were organised into four groups with the two Witham teams being in separate groups of course.  Each team played the other two teams twice and the top two teams (achieved through the highest combined score) progressed through to the quarter finals.  The Witham Hall teams did this with ease and therefore it was impressive to see them both going forward to the main competition quarter finals.

Witham A faced some tough opposition and lost their quarter final but Witham B won their quarter final by a margin of 70 points. 

The tension and positive nerves were building as the prospect of a place in the final was growing ever more real.  Witham B was well supported by the Witham B in the semi-final.  It was a nail biting contest against Holmwood House A team.  The final score, after eight minutes of fierce fingers on the buzzers, was 130 to Witham and 130 to Holmwood House.  Another starter question was going to be what decided the difference between two teams.  Fortunately for Witham they answered the question at speed and correctly to win their semi-final. 

The final was to be played against last year’s winners, Aldwickbury A team.  They were just too fast on the buzzer with one boy answering questions related to Fibonacci’s sequence to who the Home Secretary is!  It was quite impressive for a boy of 11 years old. 

The team won a lovely cup as well as a hard back copy of the 2015 Guinness book of records each. 

I was very proud of every pupil who took from Witham Hall; they were perfect ambassadors for the school and great company for the afternoon.

I would like to offer huge thank you to all the parents who came along to support.