Witham Chess goes International!

27 Nov 2014

Whilst on holiday in New York Year 6 pupil Robert Tombs went along to Greenwich Village to play street chess players who play for money on the stone tables in Washington Square park.

For these players, chess is like life - a game of survival, with many paying their bills and living costs from the money they win at the tables.

These are highly skilled chess players who take on the general public for money. Some are homeless - and a world away from the official tournament scene and stuffy formalism usually associated with the game. Chess is returned to its roots as a street-level pastime - fast, aggressive, winner takes all!

After Robert castled, his opponent methodically backed him into the corner and he couldn't escape.

His opponent said he plays every day as long as it isn't raining (a hazard of outdoor boards)

Hopefully Robert didn't lose all his spending money!