Year 4 enjoy a Tudor outing at Burghley!

23 Jan 2018

Year 4 had a fantastic day at Burghley House. Our group put Henry VIII on trial and found him guilty of treating his wives badly. We learnt a Tudor dance, which was very entertaining and visited the kitchen where we learnt all about the worst job to have; spit boy! This poor boy had the job of turning the meat on the spit and it would get so hot and burnt that every so often he’d have to have a bucket of water thrown on him! We researched the type of food the Tudor’s ate and the difference between being rich and poor. Finally, we visited a Tudor doctor who treated us for lots of things in very strange ways! He told us that if we were to cure an ear ache we would have to warm an onion and hold it to the ear that hurt! Year 4 pupils and staff enjoyed an action packed day and learnt so much in just a short space of time. A brilliant day with exceptional behaviour from Year 4 pupils!