U9 Hockey Report

28 Nov 2014


Witham Hall  7 

St Hugh’s  0

This was a grass pitch match which the girls were not used to, but they adapted well despite getting bogged down in scrappy play in the ‘D’ during the first passage of play. As the game developed the spacing was better, the passes stronger and the girls started to find the back of the goal. Matilda Craven did particularly well using her pull back and square pass from the left wing, regularly finding Bella Fox in the middle; Charlotte Bingham and Poppy Wraith stood fast in the mid-field letting very little past them all match. By the final 10 minutes of play the girls were in fine competitive form and really started rattling in the goals. Sophie Marshall was particularly determined in front of goal. Well done – a good team effort.

Witham Hall  7

Laxton JS  0

After a rather lacklustre start on an unfamiliar astro under floodlights, the girls suddenly got into their stride in the second quarter.  Despite once again getting trapped in a sea of players in front of the goal, they managed as the game progressed to space out better and understand more clearly how to create space. In this match all the girls were given an opportunity to try defence, mid-field and attack and gained much better understanding of all the positions as a result. The highlight was a textbook push back which resulted in an attack down the right wing, a square pass to the centre of the ‘D’ and a fine goal from Bella Fox. Well done to Poppy Wraith and Sophie Marshall who built that attacking play. Issy Golland came to help the team after we lost a year 4 to illness just before departure – she had a good game in mid-field and defence. Josie Turner proved to the team that she is just as able in mid-field as in defence and Poppy decided she rather liked playing forward and scored a super goal. Well done!


Witham Hall 5

St Hugh’s   0

Isabella Beattie x4, Matilda Halford x 1

Team :  Eleanor Tickler –Captain; Gigi Granger, Maddie Bryars, Isabella Beattie, Millie Atkinson, Rose Allport, Mollie Deaton, Matilda Halford

The Under 9 girls were very excited to be heading to St Hugh’s for an away fixture.  After a long journey, the Under 9B headed to their pitch, ready for action.  Under the Captaincy of Eleanor Tickler, the girls were really looking forward to a great game.  The first quarter was tight and there was equal possession throughout.  Just before the quarter time whistle, Maddie Bryars, Millie Atkinson and Gigi Granger passed the ball beautifully up through the field from defence, through to Isabella Beattie, who was heading to the D and Isabella scored the first goal of the match.  A great start: Witham 1, St Hugh’s 0.  In the second quarter, there was a game plan of tackle hard and look up before we pass. Every girl stuck to the plan, which improved the quality of play.  Rose Allport, Mollie Deaton soon got their eye in and produced some excellent channel passes through to the forward line.  At half time, the score was 1-0 to Witham.  The second half: Witham really started to show what they were made of.  Matilda Halford worked very hard in defence and attack and certainly won the ball for Witham.  Eleanor Tickler started to dominate the right forward line alongside Isabella Beattie and Maddie Bryars, which was super.  Gigi and Millie showed their all- round skill by incredible marking and defending.  St Hugh’s could just not score.  Isabella Beattie broke into the D several times, which enabled her to score a further 3 goals.  The attacking circle play was excellent and the Witham team took control.  The final quarter: Witham were really looking strong.  Rose Allport, Mollie Deaton and Matilda Halford gained confidence by the minute, which resulted in another goal by Matilda.  What a performance!  The final score was Witham 5, St Hugh’s 0.  St Hugh’s girls played very well indeed and certainly gained confidence by the advice given to them whilst they were playing.  Witham played a wonderful game of hockey and I am very proud of the whole team.  A super afternoon and well done girls!  Thank you to all our super ‘non playing Witham team, our wonderful parents, thank you for all your support throughout.

Witham Hall  9

Laxton  2

After a quick warm up we began with a Laxton push back. The Witham girls dominated from the first whistle to the last, swooping in and taking the first ball. Eleanor Tickler scored the first goal which was soon followed by another from Isabella Beattie. The first 10 minutes saw 6 goals from these two girls.

After the first 10 minutes we continued in the same positions but we weren’t working as well as a team and Laxton managed to score. Rosie Johnson on the wing though shot a brilliant goal. Maddie Bryars cleared it from our defensive D which was then pushed forward by Daisy Smith Maxwell into the attacking D, Rosie was stood on post and slotted it in. The second 10 minutes finished with a score of 7-2 to Witham.

We were running out of time to do four quarters so decided to play another 10 minutes in which we changed our positions. The girls found it a lot harder now in the opposite position to what they would usually play and had to work as a team to score any points. Charlotte Welch in centre forward did an excellent job of getting the ball forward into the D where she almost scored a goal. It went off the backline but we won it straight back after the Laxton 16. Rachel Leckey also did well in defence clearing the ball from the D, preventing Laxton from scoring once more. Well done girls!