A Police visit for Reception

29 Jan 2018

As part of our topic ‘People who help us’ we were visited by PCSO Emma Conkey and PCSO Natalie Elliott. We had a great time finding out about the job of a Police Officer. We looked at some items of uniform and learnt about some of the everyday tasks at the Police Station. We then went outside to look at their Police car. It was such a shame that the rain started to pour just as we went outside but we were not deterred from our task. The children were thrilled to look at the car and to be allowed to turn on the flashing lights and the siren. I think we made it hard for the rest of the school to concentrate for a while because they could hear the siren going off nearby.
The Police Station role play area in the classroom was so busy after the visit. It was delightful to see the crimes being investigated - especially when I realised the focus had moved away from simply ‘baddies being locked in jail!’
Thank you to Natalie and Emma who helped us to learn so much.