Netball Update

30 Jan 2018

2nd VII v Worksop 2nd VII

Witham – 25
Worksop – 4

This game was not quite as one sided as the score may suggest, but Witham's superior shooting was the difference between the teams. Witham started enthusiastically moving the ball effectively down the court. They intercepted well enabling defence to be turned into attack. The passing of the ball was accurate and the feed into the circle was strong and positive. This was a very good performance from everyone involved.

3rd VII v Worksop U12B

Witham – 6
Worksop – 18

Our second match of the season was against Worksop College. It was clear once we started that we were pretty evenly matched; with both teams intercepting passes and making some good plays from end to end. However, with some stray passes from Witham and impressive shooting from Worksop, we ended up five goals behind after just 10 minutes. The next quarter was a similar story, despite scoring a few more goals. At half time we realised we had to make some changes. We had to work hard on marking the opposition, improve the accuracy of our passing and getting into space to move the ball as quickly as possible towards the goal. Our second half performance was much stronger than our first. Our passing was better; we were intercepting the ball frequently and moving it quicker. This resulted in Worksop only scoring 5 goals in those 20 minutes. Unfortunately we could not capitalise on this and were unable to convert our possession into goals. Overall, the girls can be pleased with the effort they put in and use what they’ve learned from this match in their next game.

U9A v Stoneygate U9A

Witham – 8
Stoneygate – 0

In their first netball match of the term the U9A team had a great game against Stoneygate, a notoriously strong netball school! Olivia and Georgia were unstoppable in attack, missing just 3 goals between them. Rosie and Imogen stifled any hope of Stoneygate scoring with their tight marking and interceptions. Eloise really stepped up to the mark of playing U9 netball despite being a Year 3.

U9A v Wellingborough U9A

Witham – 3
Wellingborough – 1

This was a much closer match for the U9A team as Wellingborough had some strong defence and a very springy C! The Witham girls had to work harder and dodge into the space away from their opposition. The score was 2-1 at half time with both Georgia and Olivia scoring one goal each. Chiara and Katie worked hard in centre court but struggled against taller opposition. Persistence and grit meant Witham came out winners, demonstrating a great skill level, especially considering how early on in the term it is.

U9B v Wellingborough U9B

Witham – 6
Wellingborough – 1

The Witham girls played very well in this game moving the ball around the court positively. The Witham shooters were on good form and scored with almost every shot. The defence intercepted well and restricted Wellingborough's attack. Everyone contributed to the win.

U9B v Stoneygate U9A

Witham – 1
Stoneygate – 0

This was a very even game with both teams having similar amounts of possession. The passing was fairly accurate and the movement was good. The only difference was the accuracy of the Witham Shooters who scored the vital winning goal.

U9B v Wellingborough U9A

Witham – 1
Wellingborough – 3

This was a difficult game for the Witham girls. Wellingborough moved quickly which enabled them to get free and receive the ball in space, which in turn meant they were able to pass the ball quickly into the circle. Their shooters were very accurate and scored three goals to Witham's one. During all three games the girl's tried very hard and played some very nice netball.

U8 v Wellingborough U8

Round 1: drew 1-1
Round 2: drew 1-1
Round 3: won 2-0
Round 4: won 3-0
Round 5: won 1-0

The U8 girls sparkled in their first match of the season. After the long journey, the girls reacted well to being met by 22 Year 3 girls from Wellingborough! We discovered that we had 5 short matches to play and the girls really applied themselves very well from the first whistle – there wasn’t a weak link with every girl working hard for the next as the ball repeatedly worked its way up to the attacking end of the court. Violet was a great strength in defence with many good interceptions; Scarlett was a bundle of energy in the middle keeping the defence well-linked to the attack. Flora was the top Witham scorer (4); with Liberty and Jessica Hu (2 each) not far behind – but all three impressed. Jessica Ha was a lively addition to the defence and was quick to help out in attack too. A very positive afternoon – well done girls!