Netball Tournament Success!

07 Feb 2018

Witham Hall U9 Netball Tournament

The U9A Netball team had a most successful afternoon at the Witham Hall U9 tournament. There shooting and passing was very impressive for a team so young, particularly considering the Baltic weather conditions! They comfortably won all of their matches, conceding just one goal across 5 games. It was wonderful to welcome netballers from Copthill, Peterborough, St Hugh’s and Grantham.

The U9B Netball team should be very proud of their performance in the Witham Hall U9 Netball Tournament. Their passing and footwork improved with every game, along-side their tactical understanding. Despite the cold weather and freezing cold hands, the girls made some well-timed interceptions in defence and the shooters scored a number of goals. A super effort girls, very well done.

Witham Hall U10 Netball Tournament

The U10A Netball team played exceptional well at the annual U10A Witham Hall Netball Tournament winning all six of their matches making them the tournament winners.

U10A  4 – 0  Spratton Hall
U10A  1 – 0  Bedford Girls School
U10A  2 – 0  Wellingborough
U10A  2 – 1  Kimbolton
U10A  2 – 1  Stamford JS
U10A  9 – 0  Foremarke Hall

In all of their six matches they worked hard passing the ball accurately to each other and dominating much of the play. The girls scored 20 goals and only 2 goals were conceded throughout the tournament. This reflects how well our defence played keeping the ball out of our opponents attacking circle and their ability to make well timed interceptions when required. The mid court players moved into space to receive the ball linking it up the court to our shooters who were able to score some fantastic goals from some tricky distances. A superb afternoon of netball and the girls should be extremely proud of their achievement. Very well done girls!

The U10B Netball team had a most enjoyable afternoon at the Witham Hall B team Tournament. The girls battled really hard, marking tightly and letting very few goals past them. The Year 4 girls in the team stepped up to the challenge brilliantly, supported wonderfully by the Year 5 girls. It was an excellent display of team spirit and sportsmanship. The team placed 4th overall, narrowly missing out on 3rd place medals.