Don't let the weather get you down on World Book Day

01 Mar 2018

World Book Day - Don't let the weather get you down!

We are aware that there have been school and nursery closures due to the inclement weather conditions across the country and expect these to continue tomorrow, on World Book Day. We’re so pleased that children and young people are looking forward to going to schools and nurseries to celebrate World Book Daybut strongly encourage everyone to be safe and practical as they make decisions regarding changing plans.

World Book Day is about encouraging children and young people to read and love books and, whatever the weather, 15 million £1 book tokens are already with schools and nurseries across the UK and Ireland. We will be extending the token redemption period beyond 25 March to ensure that everyone is able to use them so please do distribute them when you can. The extension period will be confirmed depending on the weather in the coming days.

We know a great deal of teachers, nursery staff, parents, children and young people will have put effort into activities for tomorrow. We’re encouraging schools, nurseries and families to Share A Story and celebrate World Book Day as and when they can, in whatever way they can, so that children can celebrate reading, share stories with their teachers, families and peers, and so time and effort spent on costumes and activities does not go to waste.

In the meantime, if you find yourself snowed in tomorrow, go ahead and celebrate World Book Day anyway, dress up if you’d like to, but most importantly, find time in the day to share a story, to read, to enjoy books. Here are some fun ways you and the children and young people in your school or setting can still join in and Share A Story at home:

  • Snuggle up on the sofa and listen to our 20 FREE FULL-LENGTH AUDIOBOOKS including The Lonely Beast13-Storey TreehouseThe Legend of Podkin One-EarFish Boy and Rebel of the Sands

For lots more fun activities, visit

You can participate on social media with #shareastory. We look forward to hearing how you're celebrating.

Happy reading and story sharing!

World Book Day