Under 9 Rugby Report

04 Dec 2014



Witham Hall to Barlborough Festival



Witham Hall 35-0 SS Peter and Paul

Witham Hall 20-5 Nottingham High

Witham Hall 10-15 Mylnhurst

Witham Hall 10-20 Westbourne

Witham Hall 5-5 Hill House

Witham Hall 20-10 Barlborough


The U9A boys did themselves really proud at the Barlborough Festival. In wet and windy conditions the boys got off to a super start with wins against SS Peter and Paul and Nottingham High. It was extremely pleasing to see the boys work so tirelessly in defence, only conceding five points in two matches. However, the tournament was about to get a lot tougher with a match against Mylnhurst  who were a strong physical side. In a closely fought game we lost 15-10 but the boys had learnt a valuable lesson about keeping the ball alive and looking after it in contact. A further loss to Westbourne left the U9’s a little deflated. However, after a quick chat with Mr Wills, they were firing on all cylinders again. A hard fought draw against Hill House was followed by an outstanding team effort against the hosts Barlborough where we came out 20-10 to the good. All the boys should be immensely proud of their efforts; they played a lot of rugby, supported each other well and never took a backward step. A big thank you must also go to the parents who came to support us.  

Witham Hall U9A Rugby 5-25 Spratton Hall

The U9A team gave it their all in very overcast and wet conditions at Spratton Hall. After a slow start and conceding a couple of early tries the boys really found their feet and did themselves proud. At the break down William Chatterton and Charlie Rymer rucked ferociously in order to win Witham quick ball. This allowed Louis Batty and Joshua Clarke to make some very strong runs. Unfortunately after playing a couple of phases, Witham kept knocking the ball on in contact which gave Spratton Hall possession and a chance to test our defence. Pleasingly, the boys worked tirelessly in defence and put into practice what they had learnt during the week. This paid dividends and every single member of the team put in some cracking tackles. Guy Hurst really shone in this area and is starting to believe in himself more and more with each game, well done Guy! With half time approaching Witham managed to get the score to 10-5 with a superb team try. William Chatterton carried the ball forward with purpose and with excellent vision, offloaded it in the tackle to Josh Clarke who ran in the try. In the second half the boys continued to battle hard as did our opponents. However, we began to tire quickly and with some excellent passing from Spratton, conceded three tries in quick succession to lose the game 5-25. I was incredibly proud of the way the boys persevered against a well organised Spratton Hall, they must not be disappointed with this result.

Witham Hall   17

The Peterborough School  5 

The U9A team made a very smooth transition to tag rugby against The Peterborough School. George Alford and James Wass both had super matches, chasing down their opposite numbers and getting hold of their tags time and time again. Going forward, Joshua Clarke used his blistering speed to good effect to run in three tries and was ably supported by Louis Batty whose neat footwork allowed him to avoid contact and also score. At half time we found ourselves 8-3 to the good and what was most pleasing was the way in which the boys kept the ball alive and ran onto it at pace. In the second half the U9A’s continued to impress with Henry Herdman and Ben Price making some strong, darting runs and offloading the ball quickly before contact.  This made it extremely hard for The Peterborough School to defend and we were starting to play some excellent rugby. Beyond keeping the ball alive, the U9A’s supported each other really well, Charlie Rymer and William Chatterton worked tirelessly for the Witham cause, running good lines off the ball carrier and calling for the ball loudly. With the game coming to an end, the imperious Guy Hurst made a strong run down the right wing and made a super pass to Hugo Shippey who finished in the corner. At the full time whistle Witham had won the game 17-5.

Witham Hall  50

Magdalene House  15

The U9A rugby team were in fine form and did themselves proud on a cold and wet afternoon at Witham. The boys knew that it was important to get off to a good start and they did, running in a couple of superb team tries. What was particularly pleasing about the U9A’s play in the first half was their ability to keep the ball alive and move it away from contact. This could only be achieved if every single member of the team took it upon themselves to support each other and call loudly for the ball, which they did all afternoon. This made it very difficult for Magdalene House to defend and at half time we found ourselves 30-0 to the good. In the second half, Magdalene House worked the Witham defence a lot more and although we defended extremely well, Magdalene’s persistence paid off and they scored a couple of impressive tries. The U9A’s responded strongly and managed to score a few more fantastic solo tries to end the game 50-15 to Witham. We now look forward to playing Stamford Junior School on Saturday. Well done to all those boys who played!


Witham Hall  5

Spratton Hall  40

The U9A and B teams both headed out to play Spratton Hall on Saturday 15th. After a quick warm up the boys (especially the 4 year 3’s that were playing for the U9B’s) were eager to start the match. It was rather a slow start from Witham and Spratton Hall scored some quick fire tries which slipped through our defence. However, by the end of the first half Johnny Hall, Kit Chatterton and Richard Tomlinson were working hard to keep Spratton at bay. When the second half was under way, Witham Hall were off to a better start. With some hard running from James Hayle, Eddie Howells and Jack Braddock Witham were able to move strides forward to let Freddie St John crash over the Spratton try-line. James Fairfax, James Wass and Felix Hamilton all played well and are commended for their hard work in the ruck. Although the boys were beaten 40-5 there were a lot of good plays from all of the boys who did try their very hardest.

Witham Hall  15

Magdalene House   5

After having plenty of away matches in the past few weeks, both U9 teams had the advantage of playing home. After a slow start, the boys  then managed to get the ball away from contact and used the width of the pitch, George Vergerson Rowley was able to score the opening try, putting Witham in front (5-0). There was then good assistance from Jake Lockett, Kit Chatterton and Richard Tomlinson who were able to keep the ball alive and in possession which then enabled James Fairfax to score just before the half time whistle (10-0). A few minutes into the second half it became clear that Magdalene were out to get even. Felix Hamilton, Eddie Howells and Johnny Hall were doing well with keeping them at bay. Unfortunately they just squeezed in a try (10-5). However, with the help of our year 3s, Freddie St John and Jack Buik, who made some great opportunities, Witham was able  to score again. Jack Buik scored in the far left corner to finish the game 15-5. A special mention must go to James Wass who made great tackles and ran rings around the opposition. Good effort boys.