Great start to the Rounders season

16 May 2018

1st VII v Bilton Grange 1st VII

Witham – 19 ½
Bilton – 14 ½

The girls were really looking forward to their first match of the season after a rather disrupted first couple of weeks of rounders. We went into the field first, making a strong start with Matilda’s fast bowling putting off Bilton’s top batters. Batters number 2 and 3 were both out on their first go and this gave the Witham girls some confidence. Mia (x2), Matilda, Ella and Bonnie all made some great catches in the field, but the remaining batters started to hit the ball and rack up the half rounders, reaching a total of 8 ½. In our batting innings, Sienna (captain), Bonnie, Jemima and Ella kicked things off brilliantly, with four rounders in five balls! Bilton had some strong fielders though and we were all out by ball 30, with a total of 13.

In the second innings Bilton were once again outplayed thanks to Witham’s team work and speedy decision-making. Three batters were out on their first ball, with only three out of the ten batters scoring anything! Poppy played particularly well in the field. Matilda and Bonnie, despite their best efforts in the bowling box, gave away a couple of rounders to take Bilton’s grand total to 14 ½. Sienna once again kicked things off with a rounder on ball one, but the big hits were limited by Bilton swapping in a slower bowler to scupper our plans! Luckily, clever running and some big hits going through the field meant that Witham won by five rounders.

1st VII v Kimbolton 1st VII

Witham – 10
Kimbolton – 3

Witham fielded first against Kimbolton, and to great effect, with Matilda, Bella (x2), Ella and Jemima all having great catches in the field. The slick fielding team got Kimbolton out by ball 22 and only allowed them three rounders. With the bat, Witham were slightly hampered as the rain began to pour and we couldn’t make it round the posts quite as quickly! Despite this, by ball 4 we had already won the match and called the game at ball 26 due to weather conditions and the second round of matches. A great win against a notoriously strong side – well done Witham!

1st VII v Bishop’s Stortford

Witham – 5 ½
Bishop’s Stortford – 3 ½

This was a rather short and wet match between two very evenly-matched teams. I’m sure that had the weather conditions been fine it would have been a very exciting game! Witham batted first and Bonnie was unlucky to be caught out on the first ball. Bishop’s Stortford were strong in the field and by ball 24 we had only scored 2½ rounders… luckily an inspirational rounder from Lulie on ball 25 shook everyone up and Ella and Katie also scored on the last two balls of the game, taking our total to just 5 ½. Based on their fielding we expected Bishop’s to be strong batters too, but our outstanding teamwork and determination in the field really did limit our opposition, who only missed 3 out of 27 balls! Bonnie’s ‘donkey drop’ bowling baffled the batters and they were 2 short of drawing the game.

2nd VII v Bilton Grange 2nd VII

Witham – 13 ½
Bilton – 9

The first match of the season saw the seniors travel to Bilton Grange on a pleasant afternoon.  Witham took time to get their eye in and some girls found it problematic to make contact with the ball, but Rose, Millie, Sophie, Charlotte and Ffion managed to score at least half rounders to make the score 6 rounders after the first innings. Witham’s fielding was generally good and Holly was an accurate bowler, only giving away an odd half rounder; after their first innings Bilton had scored 4 ½ rounders. In the second innings Witham made much better contact with the ball and took more risks, thereby adding 7 ½ rounders to their score. Their fielding was excellent, especially the triangle of Ffion, Charlotte and Holly, which meant that seven members of the Bilton team were run out at first. Witham restricted Bilton to 4 ½ rounders again, meaning they were convincing winners. An excellent result and a very positive contribution from all the team.

3rd VII v Kimbolton 3rd VII

Witham – 6
Kimbolton – 3

The first match of the season saw the Under 13s travel to Kimbolton for a triangular fixture with Kimbolton and Bishop’s Stortford. Unfortunately the rain arrived at the same time as we did, resulting in very slippery conditions. Witham fielded first against Kimbolton and accurate bowling and good decision making in the field resulted in the girls restricting Kimbolton to three rounders. When batting, most Witham girls connected with the ball and decisive running meant they easily passed the opponents score to win by three rounders.

3rd VII v Bishop’s Stortford 3rd VII

Witham – 6
Bishop’s Stortford – 7 ½

The conditions had deteriorated further by the second game and the slippery ball meant that accuracy was difficult. Bishop’s Stortford batted first and with a couple of strong hitters managed to score 7 ½ rounders, although Witham’s fielding was tight. In reply Witham tried hard, but underfoot conditions meant the girls were not able to run as fast as normal so the majority were run out at one post or another, but they still made it a close match just losing by 1 ½ rounders.

U11A v Fairfield U11A

Witham – 24 (with an innings to spare)
Fairfield – 5

Witham were dominant in this IAPS Rounders match right from the start. Although suffering from limited practice due to the awful weather, the girls responded well to the challenges of thinking through their positions and being flexible so that I could see them play in more than one position. Highlights were the hat-trick of catches from Rose in the first innings and a further spectacular catch in the second innings; other catches from Eliza and Millie A; impressive consistency with bowling from Charlotte and then Eliza giving away no half rounders. Top scorers were Millie A 7, Rose 6, Lilia 3. Fairfield voted Lilia player of the match. Millie D and Poppy from Year 5 made a great start, with some exciting hitting on show from them both and Millie D scoring 1 ½ rounders.

U11A v St Hugh’s U13A

Witham Hall – 27 ½
St Hugh’s – 14 ½

The Witham girls had an exciting match against St Hugh’s on Saturday that was much enjoyed by the spectators. There was lots of good hitting on show and some really testing and thoughtful bowling from the St Hugh’s bowler, which made the Witham girls think hard. One of the St Hugh’s batsmen was superb in the first innings and whatever we tried, we just could not get her out. Millie and Matilda made some great catches and the triangle started to find a rhythm and impressed at times. The Witham bowlers kept St Hugh’s on their toes and Eliza and Lilia impressed with the power of their batting. Bunny and Matilda were great from the deep with some well-directed and powerful throws and Mollie showed much more confidence both at 1st and with the bat. Well done girls!

U11A Rounders to Worksop Prep Tournament

V Westbourne won 6 ½ - 1 ½
V Lincoln won 5 – 1
V Burton Hathow won 5 ½ - 1
V Worksop Prep won 7 ½ - ½

The girls had an interesting afternoon at Worksop Prep; their last match had been an ‘all out’ one lasting over two hours and now they faced a completely new challenge, matches of one innings only with just 9 or 14 balls!  Lilia, Rose, Eliza and Millie were the best scorers of the afternoon. Charlotte impressed on first base, took a couple of catches and was once again consistent with her bowling; Millie D was lively around the bases always making the most of any chances. Witham won the tournament – well done!

U11B v The Peterborough School U11A

Witham – 12 ½
Peterborough – 3 ½

Witham won the toss and chose to field first, which was a good start. Witham were on their toes and were really ready to play their first game of the season. Backstop Rachel slotted into her new role quickly and was soon making some excellent throws to bowler and 2nd post. Bowler Izzie had her eye in and bowled consistently and accurately.  Within the field, Tilly, Rosie, Lydia, Jemma, Alexandra and Clara teamed together and really worked hard on stopping the ball entering the deep field. Peterborough just couldn’t find the gaps with our tight fielding. Captain Shivali really worked hard between second and third post and stopped a number of hard balls heading into the field. The Peterborough School scored two rounders. Witham went into bat and were determined to get some early rounders. Shivali scored the first full rounder for Witham, followed by one more with her second bat.  Izzie and Alexandra also scored full rounders, with the team scoring a few half rounders.  Witham scored 4 ½ rounders after one innings. 

Witham went back into the field and knew what they had to do. Tight fielding, determination, teamwork and quick decision-making were key. Lydia started off the bowling confidently and the team limited Peterborough to just 1 ½ rounders. Witham went in for a final bat, looking for the gaps in the field. Full rounders were scored by Shivali (x2), Alexandra, Jemma, Rosie and Rachel. Again, half rounders were scored by the majority of the team too. A great game to start the season off - the team played extremely well and certainly listened to the game plan. Well done to all the girls and thank you to all our supporters.

U11C v The Peterborough School U10A     

Witham – 13 ½
Peterborough – 8 ½

The sun was shining for our first rounders fixture of the season and having lost the toss we were asked to bat first. Each player stood confidently in the batting square and the majority of our players made good contact with the ball each time they batted. This resulted in some vital half- rounders and rounders being scored. Next it was our turn to field and the first few batters from Peterborough were particularly good. They were slowly catching our score but after some tight fielding and crucial catches we ended the innings a half-rounder in front. This meant the pressure was on Witham to score as many rounders as possible and to stop Peterborough from doing the same when it was their turn to bat. Our batting was stronger this innings and we had some nicely-placed hits from a number of our players. By the end we had established a comfortable gap between us and Peterborough and it was then down to us to stop them closing it. Our final fielding innings was also an improvement from our first and in the end it was our clear communication and confident fielding of the ball that resulted in our first win of the season.