Christmas festivities at Witham and a surprise visitor!

08 Dec 2014

The Christmas spirit is certainly underway at Witham Hall! The Witham Christmas tree was ‘launched’ into place last week, with the whole maintenance team behind it!

Our boarders’ enjoyed decorating the tree and the various rooms at Witham and then celebrated together with many activities and wonderful hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.

After the final bauble was put in place our boarders’ enjoyed a ‘family’ gathering of carol singing, Christmas poems and then they headed into the main Library where they were met by a special visitor who had travelled a long way to Witham to see them.  It was Santa Gent!  Santa read out a super extract from ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ by Dr Suess, which the boarders’ loved and then Santa wished everyone a Happy Christmas!  The Year 7’s and 8’s were treated to a Christmas Quiz before bed.  What a sparkling start to the Witham family Christmas!