Junior Maths Challenge 2018

12 Jul 2018

Children within Years 6 to 8 took part in the 2018 UKMT Junior Individual Challenge. This involves solving a variety of Mathematical problems -from arithmetic to algebraic, geometrical, statistical and probability. Witham children achieved 9 bronze, 7 silver and 4 gold awards. These were awarded to the top 40% of all children who sat the paper (21% bronze, 13% silver and 6% gold). Three of the four children who were awarded gold were then also invited to sit a follow on round, called the Kangaroo, where the questions were a lot more challenging. These were Oliver Allport, Alex Spragg and Richard Tomlinson. Oliver Allport was awarded a merit in this challenge and was therefore amongst the top 25% nationally who sat the Kangaroo challenge. Special mention must also go to Rosie Johnson, who was also awarded a gold whilst also only being in Year 6. Well done to all the children who took part.