A1 Maths Challenge

12 Oct 2018

Monday 8th say the annual A1 Maths Challenge, this year held at Witham Hall. Teams from St Hugh’s, Wellow House and Burton Hathow came to join two teams from Witham Hall for a day of mathematical competition. The day started with a group round of fifteen questions in forty minutes, with the children sorting out the best way to answer all the questions. Next they did a cross-number challenge, similar to a crossword but they had to solve clues in order to find other clues. This was quite frustrating at times. The next round was the shuttle round in which the children were split into pairs. The first pair had to work out a numerical answer that was passed to the other pair. However, if this first answer is incorrect it makes the subsequent answers incorrect or impossible. Bonus marks were awarded for completion of the shuttle within six minutes. Next came the speed challenge, with twenty questions and twenty marks, with the children joined again as a team. The penultimate round was a logic puzzle that all the children found very straightforward. The last round was the relay where, again, the children were split into pairs, each pair answering a question and then taking the next question to their other pair now situated in a different part of the AV room. It got quite frenetic as the countdown to the end of the round began. A wonderful day was had by all the children, with so much maths being completed with confidence and enthusiasm. The overall winner this year were a team from Witham Hall comprising of Harry (Y6), Harry (Y6), Eliza (Y7) and Rosie (Y7).