All children are allocated a House on joining the School. Pupils from year 2 upwards are involved in house activities and competitions, together with house assemblies which take place every Friday morning. Younger siblings are placed in the same house as their brother/sister.

There are 4 houses, each of which has a housemaster. All other staff are allocated to houses also, and support the work of the housemaster and pupils. Each house two house captains, elected by the pupils and staff of the house.

The 4 houses are called Banks, Lyons, Tate and Maitland, named after: William Banks, the founder of the school; Peter Lyons, a revered Headmaster for 29 years; Colonel Maitland who owned Witham Hall prior to 1959; and John Tate, a previous long-serving member of staff.

The House system is very important for a number of reasons:

a.    It brings a focus to our academic rewards system

b.    It enables both older and younger pupils to develop respect for each other

c.    It presents role models to the younger pupils

d.    It brings opportunities for encouragement, leadership and responsibility

e.    It brings together both the Prep and the Pre-Prep Departments

f.     It brings a sense of teamwork and team spirit in addition to that provided by team sports

g.    It allows pupils to work together to the benefit of others less fortunate

h.    It brings parents together in support of house events

i.      It helps prepare pupils for the senior school system that they will move in to.

Points are gained for one's house through many different channels. The winning house at the end of the year is rewarded with an outing for all children and staff associated with the house.