Religious Studies

Religious Studies has to convey the idea of belief to pupils with varied or no formal religious background. It gives opportunities to reflect on personal beliefs, and to try and comprehend and respect others with different beliefs.

Religious Studies supports spiritual and moral education with its emphasis on encouraging pupils to reflect, question and communicate issues of belief and engaging pupils in the discussion of values and the consequences of actions.  Witham Hall aims to encourage children ‘to be sensitive to others within a Christian environment’.  Religious Studies is one way in which this aim can be fostered.  
It is of particular importance in our multi-faith society to understand and appreciate the variety of religious traditions that now exist within our country.
Recognising that a greater amount of time will be spent on Christianity because of its relationship with the culture of this country, we are increasingly aware that we are part of a multi-cultural, multi-faith society, so whilst the main focus is on Christianity, the other 5 major world religions will be visited throughout the syllabus.  As part of the RS curriculum, children will come to an understanding of the basic nature of religion as well as having knowledge of religions.