Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent
Victor Hugo

Our aim is to encourage every child to reach their musical potential, whatever it may be. Music touches everyone in a different and unique way. Children leave Witham Hall with a sense of the universal way in which music can express the human condition, along with their own developing musical tastes and individual skills. We are proud of our musical scope and quality at Witham which combines the best of traditional practice with lively, contemporary ideas.
The music department encourages a hands-on approach, allowing and encouraging all children to join in and perform at whatever level at which they find themselves. All children are expected to use their own portable (and free!) vocal instrument throughout their time in school, with singing and vocal work playing a vital role in the children’s musical development. Every assembly starts with a whole school hymn, and Prep and Pre-Prep departments each have a weekly hymn practice. Classroom activities involve composing and performing, supported by listening, appraising, and developing skills and knowledge in basic theory and musical vocabulary. 
All children have the opportunity to receive individual musical tuition in a variety of disciplines, and the wide range of school ensembles gives everyone the chance to play or sing with others. During the school week there are scheduled rehearsals for four choirs, junior and senior wind bands, rock band, string orchestra, drum ensemble and saxophone group. Workshops and festivals at other schools are a regular feature of the calendar. Regular concerts, performance assemblies, services and visits to workshop days and festivals at senior schools provide ample opportunities for performance. Speech Day showcases the very best that our children offer, and is always a memorable and uplifting experience for audience and performers!