Aims and Objectives

The overriding aim of the Latin Department at Witham Hall is to maximise the potential of all pupils by creating a stimulating environment and preparing them for further learning.

In order to achieve this, a variety of Latin courses are employed which cater for the needs of individual pupils in accordance with the Common Entrance Syllabus or for such other exams as may be appropriate from time to time. Through different tasks both inside and outside the classroom pupils develop the practise of independent learning as well as the ability to work with others. Pupils' progress is assessed at regular intervals and detailed comments provided. The differentiated needs and learning styles of individual pupils are recognised and accommodated through a variety of teaching approaches and through each discrete attainment target. Lessons strive to create the conditions to promote the development of effective communication skills in pairs, groups, and whole class situations and to stimulate language learning through a variety of creative activities. Wherever possible, lessons use authentic materials and a multimedia approach.

Latin is a useful method through which to give an understanding of the structure of English and French as well as enhance pupils’ understanding of common grammatical terms. Pupils are prepared for further learning as they develop an understanding of the mechanics of learning language.