Academic Curriculum

The curriculum is based broadly on the National Curriculum but it is independent allowing for an exciting and creative platform for learning. The Prep Building is a lively and exciting place to learn!

Pupils work towards the Common Entrance Examination or Academic Scholarship examination as a means of entry to the independent senior school of their choice. Common Entrance exams are taken at the end of Year 8 once the pupil has reached the age of 13. We are proud of the success Witham pupils have achieved, thereby gaining places to a number of the leading independent schools in the country, including Eton, Oakham, Oundle, Repton, Rugby, Shrewsbury, Stamford, Stowe and Uppingham. Additionally, we have an enviable record of Scholarship success across academic, art, drama, music and sport, or different combinations of these disciplines. We have recently developed our provision for academic scholarship candidates in Year 8.

Our learning support department provides valuable support for those with specific learning difficulties or for those whose basic understanding of English and Mathematics requires strengthening. This might take the form of individual lessons with one of the learning support team or in class support from one of our teaching assistants. We have no formal entrance test, but assess children joining the Prep School to ensure that Witham is the right school for those whose parents wish them to be educated here.

Assessment and Reporting

Pupils in Year 5 to Year 8 receive formal tests in most or all subjects, set by the subject teacher and undertaken at the end of the Trinity Term. In addition, pupils in Years 7 sit examinations in the Michaelmas Term and those in Year 8 sit mocks in both Michaelmas and Lent Terms in preparation for Common Entrance or Academic Scholarship. Pupils in Year 4 sit a formal test in Maths and English at the end of the Trinity term only.

In addition to this, pupils sit a number of standardised tests each year in order that their progress can be tracked and that the efficacy of our teaching can be evaluated.


1. Interim reports go to parents of pupils in Years 5 to 8 at the October half-term and then again for parents of pupils in Years 3 to 7 at the end of the Lent Term. This is an opportunity to report on pupil effort and performance within specific topics for most subjects.
2. Full Reports go to parents of pupils in Reception to Year 8 at the end of the Michaelmas and Trinity terms.

Each year group has one evening (afternoon for Pre-Prep and Year 4) during the academic year when parents can meet with the subject teacher to discuss the progress and targets given to their son or daughter. However, members of staff are available via the school email addresses at any reasonable time to discuss informally progress or any concerns.