Welcome to the Reception Class, a place of learning, discovery and fun

“There is little success without happiness”

Their Reception year at Witham is, in the true sense of the word, the foundation of their education here. The curriculum is wide and varied and develops the whole child. We encourage each child to value themselves and each other, to approach learning with enthusiasm and energy, and to revel in discovery at every stage of the learning experiences we provide.

How? By creating a small community where the word ‘nurturing’ is something discernible to the children. The partnership between parents and staff is of high priority, whilst concentrating on a strategy of child-centred learning is key to our continuing success. Academic ambition is balanced to ensure their Learning Journey is a happy and successful experience, which will last a lifetime and culminate in the short term with the children entering their next class at ease with themselves and confident in their future. 

Mrs. Neve teaches the Reception Class with full time teaching assistant support from Miss. McGowan. Mrs. Brewster (Head of Pre-Prep) is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Manager and Mrs. March is the EYFS Learning Support coordinator.