Year 3

In Year 3 the children continue to be taught in two classes – 3B, led by Mrs Brewster and 3H, by Miss Hard. In addition, Mrs Webster teaches 3B for two days a week, currently a Wednesday and Thursday.

Our curriculum is wide, varied and planned around topics where possible. Our topics include Ancient Egypt, Teeth and Eating, Contrasting Localities, Children in World War II  and Creation. The topics are often supplemented with trips outside school and visitors in school; for example the ‘History Off The Page’ theatre group come into school to hold an Ancient Egyptian Day or we may visit Peterborugh Museum for an Evacuation Day or visit Burghley to learn about Plants and Living Creatures.

In Year 3, the pupils all have increased opportunity to join more clubs and activities after school. Those on offer may include bushcraft, chess, computers, construction, games and sports, judo, photography and treasure hunt.

During this year, Year 3 take on a variety of responsibilities within the Pre-Prep and take turns to carry out roles such as collecting the fruit and milk for break snack, counting up the number of ‘golds’ collected by each house and recycling all our paper. Each child is encouraged to develop their social, emotional and intellectual skills and we aim to increase their independence within the school environment as the children begin to take on more responsibility for their learning. The emphasis is, as in earlier years, on enjoyment and building on the child’s natural interest in learning.