Computing at Witham Hall is taught from Reception to Year 8. From Year 2 onwards, pupils are taught by the Head of Computing through dedicated lesson time. With Computing being such a fast changing subject, schemes of work and policies are under regular review to ensure the most relevant and up to date topics are delivered to the pupils.

  • To stimulate, develop and maintain pupils' interest in and enjoyment of computing
  • To develop logical thinking skills
  • To foster the development of pupils' computing capabilities
  • To enable pupils to have equal access to computers within school
  • To enable all children to become autonomous users of computers
  • To enable all children to evaluate the benefits of computing and its impact on society
  • To ensure all pupils are educated in ESafety through opportunities in lessons and through external providers


  • To provide tasks which are interesting and give scope for individual responsibility
  • To ensure pupils become more proficient in basic IT skills, including touch typing
  • To ensure that pupils have a range of opportunities to access IT equipment
  • To plan activities which allow children opportunities to apply their skills in a variety of different contexts
  • To lead group or class discussions about the benefits and limitations of computing and by creating opportunities to compare classroom use of computing with that in the wider world
  • To provide lessons in ESafety that educate pupils on how to use new technologies in a safe way, including the internet and to arrange for external providers to come and talk to the pupils at school